The Seattle Times


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The how-tos of house painting

Professionals recommend that you never paint alone, or with the sun at your back, and you should buy good equipment. Clockwise from top left: Leaktite's two-gallon bucket for $5.50, Film-Gard's 10-by 25-foot cloth for $12, Painter's Choice one-pound bag for $3.30, a four-inch brush for siding by Purdy for $28, an angled 2.5-inch brush for trim by Wooster for $12, a normally free paint mixer, Moore's Aura top coat for about $64 a gallon, Benjamin Moore Fresh Start primer for about $37 a gallon, paint bucket hooks for $2.50 each, Master Painter's Allway 2.5-inch scraper for $7.50, Dap Alex Plus caulking for $3 and 80-grit and 180-grit sandpaper sheets for 80 cents each.