The Seattle Times


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pictures of the Year 2012: Loss and fear, but also hope

CELEBRATING LIFE, LIBERTY AND . . . On election night Nov. 6 at the Wild Rose in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood, Tipton Taggart, left, Em DeBell, Kat Shaffer and Tamara Uson watch results come in for Referendum 74, a measure to uphold legalization of same-sex marriage in Washington state.

The Wild Rose bar was packed on election night. People were waiting and watching returns on many important races. However, the historical significance of Referendum 74 kept everyone on the edge of their seats. As the results came in, the crowd erupted with raw, heartfelt emotion. I felt incredibly lucky to witness people in the community rejoicing in the name of love and equality.
-- Erika Schultz