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Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Pictures of the Year

Aug. 3
Jason Sowka of Tacoma throws his friends’ 2-year-old son, Alex Reed Brown II, into the air during the Formula One PROP Tour on Seafair Saturday at Lake Washington. Sowka was among many expressing disappointment that the Blue Angels didn’t appear this year, which may be part of the reason for a 27 percent decrease in attendance..
Seafair’s story this year was a lack of Blue Angels in the summer skies, and I was looking for a way to visually allude to what wasn’t there. Particularly when shooting an annual event, I try to look for new ways to see the same things. After spotting the two playing, I chose to lie down on the grass directly behind the subject, trusting his child-catching skills and shooting nearly straight up to capture that sense of flight. Trying something different can often pay off. — Lindsey Wasson