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Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Pictures of the Year

Sept. 12
Maneuvering crab traps stacked five high on the stern of the Arctic Hunter, Minh Vu, left, and Thuy Nguyen are nailed with spray flying over the bow in the roiling Bering Sea. As soon as they get the pots in the right order, they are dropped, in a string, into the sea.
Shooters sometimes have to put their feelers out — especially when walking backward in traffic, looking through a telephoto lens from the sidelines at an NFL game, etc. On this crab boat, I had ALL my feelers out. The boom was lifting these 800-pound crab traps in minus-20-degree weather, the boat heaving side to side, waves coming over the bow. But it was the spinning traps high over my head that made me think about where I should go, if one broke free. Don’t think I want to do this again. (The photo was taken in March for The Times’ series on ocean acidification, written by Craig Welch.) — Steve Ringman