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Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Pictures of the Year

Feb. 5
Earl Lancaster, left, owner of Earl’s Cuts and Styles at 23rd Avenue and East Union Street in Seattle’s Central District, cuts Ron Brown’s hair while barber Stuart Reed of Lynnwood works on Ben Heimerman’s hair. Lancaster, who started cutting hair between classes at Garfield High School, has owned the shop since 1992. Brown has been getting his hair cut at Earl’s since he was a sophomore in high school. Reed, 24, is the first and only Caucasian barber to work at Earl’s, a historically black hangout. Lancaster said he considered the increasing diversity of the neighborhood when he hired Reed. “I wanted to reflect that. It’s not just a black barbershop. It’s a men’s grooming palace.”
How do you illustrate gentrification? Or explain the precious last moments of a sunset while sailing on Lake Union? Share the intangible connection to the music and atmosphere of Bumbershoot? Storytelling in images transcends the actual subject through visual cues like the mood of the light, moment of body language and our perception of the environment. This year I’ve tried to focus on making more intentional and interpretive photographs to highlight the subtleties in our storytelling. The information we convey means nothing if it doesn’t make you feel something. Next time you linger on an image online or in print, think about how your initial emotional reaction drew you into it. — Bettina Hansen