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Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Pictures of the Year

Oct. 13
The Seattle Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch pounds the ball through Tennessee’s defensive line and down to the Titans’ 1-yard line — an 11-yard rush in the 4th quarter.
The Seahawks have many explosive players on their roster — and Lynch is certainly one of them — but it’s a different experience watching him. Usually when a receiver makes a great play it’s over in an instant, but Lynch’s explosive plays are more of a slow burn that build into a crescendo. You’ll see him hit the gap and think, he’s got room to run. Then you’ll see a couple of defenders bounce off him and think, this is going to be a big play. Until finally he’s dragging players, as he is in this picture, and he’s still not going down. The play builds, your heart quickens, and there’s an excitement that comes from seeing something become much bigger than anything you thought it ever could. — Dean Rutz