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About our pets

Contributors to this blog are members of the Seattle Times newsroom -- reporters, producers, page designers, administrative staff, desk editors and photographers -- who have one thing in common. We love pets. Meet the animals that inspire us.


Our names are Bella Rose and Brea Joy. Our guardian Gail Scott, of Southern roots, thought the double names would be cute. (They're also in honor of our friend Roseanne and our grandmother Joy.) Now she uses them only when we're bad, which seems to be fairly often. In these posts she'll probably refer to us by our first names unless she's recounting our latest "Bad dog, NO-NO" misconduct.

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Getting a dog for my dog


I'm Browser (Iceni in Medias Res), a 12-year-old bull terrier, who's earned his place on the couch and certainly didn't expect to spend his "twilight years" with his meddlesome 2-year-old niece, Ivy. I'm somewhat famous, having been one of the puppies who was the inspiration for the drawings in Alexandra Day's book, "Darby, The Special Order Pup." Oh, and I love a good game of Kong with mom Marilyn Bailey.

See a photo of me and my mom in this Q&A about check-ups for old and young dogs:

Veterinary Q&A: Puppy and geriatric exams


I'm Crosby. I have an English background which would be English Springer Spaniel to you official people. This is my portrait when I was 9-weeks-old (we all like pictures when we looked younger). I've been amazed at how easy the first year has been for me and how rough it has been on my owners Barry and Kim Fitzsimmons. They claim that you aren't supposed to rip up your bed into tiny pieces or shorten garden hoses by chewing them in half among other really fun things I've done.

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The Cone of Shame


My name is Elle. I was rescued from a home with too many cats in Federal Way. There was so many of us that they couldn't name us all. As they tucked us away in cages they took a marker and wrote a letter of the alphabet in each of our ears. When Matt and Megumi came to see me and my brothers and sisters and half sisters and cousins, they looked inside my ear and told me what my new name would be. When I first got to their house my legs were so weak that I couldn't run much and couldn't jump up on the sofa. They're stronger now and to celebrate I run everywhere, except when I'm sleeping in my sunbeam.


Hi! I'm Gus (tan, age 8), and I'm Olive (brindle, age 6). We are French Bulldogs. We live in Belltown with our owner, Mark Evans. We like to walk in the Olympic Sculpture Park, chase squirrels and snore. We don't like going out when it rains. We are generally good-natured, but sometimes we play rough. We are bulldogs, after all.

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We particularly like this one:

Spotted | Paris pup


Hi, I'm Harley, but when Megumi is mad at me she calls me "Holstein." Matt says I'm more like a dog than a cat. Can I go back outside? No? Okay. I was born in in 2010. Megumi says I'm getting chunky. I'm not sure what that means, but I think it means I like to eat. Could I get something to eat? No? Okay. The best is when Matt tosses the kibble across the floor one piece at a time. Can we play toss the mouse toy? No? Okay. But, then again I like it when he just pours a bunch of kibble in my bowl. Or in Niki's bowl. Or Elle's bowl. Or when he leaves food on the counter. That's the best when he leaves food on the counter. Can I take a nap on your lap? Yes? Okay.

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Is your pet a mischief maker?


My AKC name is Iceni Taken by Surprise, but everyone calls me Ivy. I'm 60 pounds of muscle and most times act like a 3-year-old in a dog suit, which is to say I have lots of bull terrier energy and an infectious personality. I'm equally at home in a show ring or just sitting on my mom Marilyn Bailey's lap, watching "Animal Planet."

See a picture of me and my uncle Browser here:

Photo: Let sleeping dogs lie


I'm King Louie, hear me roar! I live a charmed life with my human, Neena Pellegrini (who thinks I'm more Cowardly Lion than King of the Forest. Envision Bert Lahrs trilling, she says.). When not polishing my crown or perfecting my big-dog bark, I can be found napping on a throne of cushions, nibbling organics, watching Food Network. At 13, I'm no longer the dashing prince of my youth. I don't hear or see as well, my coat has thinned and my swagger isn't as sassy. But I haven't lost my edge, thanks, in part, to my growing brigade of royal vets.

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My name is Lucy. My new owners, Susan and Tim Gilmore, named me that because I'm a red head, but I think it might also reflect my obstinance. They put me in dog obedience school and I think I may flunk out. I don't have the patience to sit on my mat for an hour while the teachers try to train us, particularly when all the other pooches are such distractions. But I am a good sitter. Unfortunately for my owners I'm also a good chewer and ripped the cover of one of their library books--ironically named Troubles-- a $15 ouch. But as I explain, I'm just a puppy and we're supposed to misbehave. And toilet training? What's that?


Nani? Urusai jiji! Okay, okay in English. My name is Nikita, Niki for short. I was born wild in a park in the middle of Japan's second largest city, Osaka. Then my Mom got hit by a car and Matt and Megumi started feeding me. I remember the first time that Matt picked me up I bit his finger good. Heh heh heh. My favorite things to do are kill things --cockroaches, grasshoppers, almost anything will do--, and sleep in the the kotatsu. I was not too fond of my new housemates, Elle and Harley at first, but I think I have them whupped into shape. Hey, just because I'm skinny, small and old doesn't mean I can't kick some butt. And I can do it in two languages.

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Wait a minute; do I need to license my pet?


My name is Rocket and I'm 2 1/2 years old! My mom and dad tell me that I am adopted. They drove to Portland to get me when I was just 7 weeks old. They are humans, but we all get along great. My mom even lets me lick her on the lips. Not dad. He's not into that sort of thing. But he does let me sit right by him when we go byebyeinthecar. Anyway, back to me: I am half Boston terrier and half poodle. They call that a bossy-poo, which I think sounds kind of dumb, but what are you gonna do? My first friend ever was a Siamese cat who lives by me. We used to play every day, but then I think I got too big and he quit coming round. Now I play strictly with puppies, but I still love kitties, too! Once a week I go to Aunt Sara's for a puppy playdate to see all of my friends, especially Panda, a Boston terrier, and my girlfriend Kisses, a cute little Havanese. Ooo, la-la!

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Former tough-guy Sullivan (AKA "Sully") hails from a lumber yard in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood where he spent his early years in a gang of strays before he was trapped, cleaned up, fixed (oh, the indignity!) and adopted. So far Sully has adjusted well to his "retirement" indoors. In fact, this aging bully is really a Mama's boy (but don't tell!) who loves dancing with his feather wand, snoozing in the sunshine and cuddling with his human, Nina Pardo, a part-time web producer for

In Memoriam


Abby, 12, an old lady who didn't act her age, passed away this summer. She used to love to go for runs and tussle with our new kitty. Her two favorite things in the world were eating bananas (she could hear one being peeled three rooms away) and swimming, preferably chasing tennis balls. She could put two in her mouth, but never three. As a puppy, she would drive her owner Susan Gilmore nuts digging holes all over the yard. You'd think a gopher appeared. She settled down somewhat in her later years and only occasionally dug up the flower bed.

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