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Q&As with 2013 Seattle mayoral candidates

Nine candidates are vying to be Seattle mayor. Before the August primary, The Times sat down with each of them so they can introduce themselves and tell voters what's important to them. The answers have been edited for length.

Joey Gray

Information systems consultant

Joey Gray is in favor of density and reducing sprawl. “We need to make sure that there are really good standards built into whatever we do, not only in terms of quality and design and arrangement, (but) that they're built with people in mind, not profits,” she said.

Age: 46

Education: B.A., International Studies, 1991; German Literature, 1994, University of Washington;

M.A. in Library and Information Science, 2003, University of Washington.

Home neighborhood: Portage Bay (houseboat)

Family: Single

Hobbies: Bicycling, gardening, activism and advocacy for sports, bicycling and environmental


Bruce Harrell

Seattle City Council member

In his second term on the Seattle City Council, Bruce Harrell emphasizes his experience working as a community leader within churches, community groups and other organizations. “It’s not a hobby,” he said. “It’s a commitment.”

Age: 54

Education: B.A., political science, University of Washington, 1981.

Law degree, UW, 1984.

Master’s degree, organizational design and improvement, Seattle City University, 1994.

Home neighborhood: Seward Park

Family: Married to Joanne, three children

Hobbies: Fishing and shopping estate sales

Kate Martin

Small-business owner

Small-business owner Kate Martin, who runs a planning and design business, thinks that her background is just what the city needs. “I feel like we don't need another lawyer,” she said. “I feel like we really need logical planning but also some visionary design.”

Age: 55

Education: Bachelor of landscape architecture, 1979,

State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse

Home neighborhood: Greenwood

Family: Married to José Chavez, two children

Hobbies: Music, design, gardening

Mary Martin

Factory worker

Mary Martin, the only Socialist Workers Party candidate in the race, brings her experience as a factory worker to her campaign, calling for an organized and unified working class “to take political power out of the hands of the capitalist class.”

Age: 60

Education: B.A., political science, Georgia State University, 1974

Home neighborhood: West Seattle

Family: Married to Edwin Fruit, City Council candidate

Hobbies: Studying the working-class history not taught in schools, fishing

Mike McGinn

Seattle mayor, attorney

Incumbent Mayor Mike McGinn thinks his experiences in his first term would help him in his second. “There is no mayor's school,” he said. “I'm learning all the time the ways in which the mayor can move the dial on the issues people care about.”

Age: 53

Education: B.A. economics, Williams College, 1982; law degree, University of Washington, 1992

Home neighborhood: Greenwood

Family: Married to Peggy Lynch; three children

Hobbies: Basketball, vegetable gardening

Doug McQuaid


Doug McQuaid, a Seattle native, has more than 40 years of experience practicing law in Seattle. “I just thought, as a private citizen of Seattle, I would put my name in and just see what I could do — and maybe inspire other people who are not professional politicians,” he said.

Age: 68

Education: B.A., Business Administration, University of Washington, 1967.

Law Degree, Willamette University, 1972.

Military Experience: U.S. Army, January 1969-August 1971 (drafted out of law school).

Family: Single

Neighborhood: West Seattle

Hobbies: Gardening, genealogy

Ed Murray

State Senator, 43rd District

State Sen. Ed Murray thinks he can push Seattle to compromise on key issues. “If I can work in a contentious atmosphere where I can get Republicans to vote for taxes, I think I can get people who all care about an issue to come together and find solutions,” he said.

Age: 58

Education: University of Portland, B.A. Sociology, 1992

Home neighborhood: Capitol Hill

Family: Partner Michael Shiosaki; they plan to marry in August

Hobbies: Reading, hiking, bird watching

Charlie Staadecker

Business owner

A business owner who has run a commercial real-estate company in Seattle for 35 years, Charlie Staadecker is advocating for integrity and transparency in his campaign. “Virtues such as trust and authenticity are exactly what people are thirsting for today,” he said.

Age: 70

Education: B.S., economics, Wharton School of Finance, University of Pennsylvania, 1966;

B.S., hospitality management, Cornell University, 1971

Home neighborhood: Pike-Pine

Family: Married to Benita, three grown children

Hobbies: Cooking, reading, golf

Peter Steinbrueck


An architect who has served 10 years on the City Council, Peter Steinbrueck is pushing livability of urban neighborhoods such as South Lake Union in his campaign. “We can't simply pave over everything and lose sun and light and our green spaces,” he said.

Age: 55

Education: B.A. government & U.S. history, cum laude, Bowdoin College, 1979;

Master’s in architecture, University of Washington, 1988

Home neighborhood: Ravenna

Family: Divorced, two children

Hobbies: Hiking, vegetable gardening, antiquities


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