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The new look of the Seahawks' uniforms

Love 'em or hate 'em? The uniforms for all 32 NFL teams were redesigned for this season by Nike, but the Seahawks asked for the most dramatic changes. Some have compared Seattle's new look to the out-there designs for the University of Oregon, but beyond the flash, there are some technological changes, too.

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If you are bothered by the prominent Nike logo on the shoulder -- highlighted by a bright green area -- Nike says the positioning is determined by the company's contract with the NFL.

Wet or dry, the uniforms are lighter than previous versions.

The new jersey is designed to stretch, remaining snug against the player without impeding movement.

Mesh is incorporated to improve ventilation.

An aircraft-grade aluminum D-ring belt reduces weight.

There are more changes underneath, including improved impact protection in the pants.

The pants are no longer made of a knit material, which tended to absorb water. Nike's pants are stretch woven.

Seahawks jerseys through the years

The classic Seahawks look featured silver helmets and a brighter shade of blue, which lasted until 2001 when the team redid its entire design, favoring a dark navy color and a new logo. In 2009, the team used a "rave green" alternate look. This year's new alternate jersey color is "wolf gray" and it's expected to be used in game at Toronto against the Bills.

Native design influences

Elements of the Seahawks' new look are inspired by styles in Northwest Coast art.

The bright green shoulder shape uses a "formline" -- a traditional element in coastal art.

The numbers are edged with curves like a native design for birds.

A pointed wing pattern, made up of 12 wing icons, runs down the side of each leg. The same icon is used in textures on the helmet and elsewhere.

Sources: Seattle Seahawks,, Seattle Times staff
Note: Not all uniform variations through the years are represented
Photo by Rod Mar / Seattle Seahawks