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World Cup community contributors

Seattle Times readers are headed to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup. Follow them as they send dispatches from the matches they attend as well as notes about their experiences traveling in the country.

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Name: Jeff Aumell
Age: 47
Residence: Sammamish
Traveling with: Eddie Henderson, Kenny Bermudez, Joey Kirk, Austin Aumell.
Why attending: I've got World Cup fever! Being in Brazil this should be the best one ever.
Matches attending: Uruguay vs Costa Rica, USA vs Ghana, Germany vs Ghana, Ivory Cost vs Greece

Name: Francisco Chateaubriand
Age: 55
Residence: Nevada (but lived in Seattle for 35 years)
Traveling with: Son Alexandre, 25, who lives in Seattle.
Why attending: I was born in Argentina of an Italian mom and Brasilian dad. We want to experience the World Cup and visit my father, who still lives in Rio, and we'll be using his house as a base of operations.
Matches attending: Five matches at the Maracana in Rio.

Name: Ryan Fleming
Age: 36
Hometown: Kirkland
Traveling with: My two brothers and a sister-in-law.
Why attending: I'm a big soccer fan and got hooked on the World Cup after attending 2006 in Germany. It's a combination of the biggest sporting event and biggest party in the world.
Matches attending: Three U.S. group stage games as well as France vs. Ecuador.

Name: Drew Hicks
Age: 36
Hometown: Helena, MT and Seattle
Traveling with: Three World Cup vets; friends Bui, G and Trainwreck.
Why attending: Love of soccer, international thrill of the event.
Matches attending: USA vs.Ghana, USA vs. Portugal

Name: Bruce Jones
Age: 66
Hometown: Seattle
Traveling with: My wife Melinda, a friend from Seattle and friends from Phoenix.
Why attending: To attend the World Cup and see some of the country. We will visit a coffee farm north of Rio (owned by a Brazilian living in Seattle). Our plan is to go there between matches we will be attending (between June 28 and July 4?). Then after the final match we will fly to Cuiaba to spend five days in the Pantanal followed by a week in Salvador before returning to Rio.
Matches attending: All matches in Rio, except the final: June 15, Argentina vs Bosnia-Herzegovina; June 18, Spain vs Chile; June 22, Belgium vs Russia; June 25, Ecuador vs France; June 28, Round of 16; July 4, Quarterfinal

Name: Ben Koenigsberg
Age: 29
Hometown: Burlington, VT
Traveling with: Some friends from Vermont.
Why attending: Chance to go to another World Cup and given the next two are in Russia and Qatar, Brazil sounds pretty nice.
Matches attending: Mexico/Cameroon; Ivory Coast/Japan; USA/Ghana; Japan/Greece; Italy/Costa Rica; Croatia/Mexico; Italy/Uruguay; USA/Germany.

Name: Eric Laliberte
Age: 27
Hometown: Kirkland
Traveling with: My wife Danielle and our best friends Tyler, Kali, Greg and Andrew.
Why attending: To revel in the joy and madness of this global soccer pilgrimage.
Matches attending: June 15, Bosnia-Herzogovina vs. Argentina; June 18, Spain vs. Chile; June 22, Belgium vs. Russia; June 25, Ecuador vs. France.

Name: Michael Leichner
Age: 30
Hometown: Vancouver, Wash.
Traveling with: Friends.
Why attending: I love soccer and the World Cup is the greatest stage for it. I was able to go to South Africa with the No. 1 memory of being in attendance at the US-Algeria match.
Matches attending: Currently we have tickets to USA vs. Ghana, Germany vs. Ghana, Croatia vs. Mexico, USA vs. Germany, Argentina vs. Bosnia-Herzogovina, Spain vs. Chile and Match 50 (2nd round in Rio).

Name: Justin Marx
Age: 37
Hometown: Seattle
Traveling with: My friend Keith Stier-Van Essen
Why attending: Ha ha. Is that a serious question? World Cup + Brazil = Amazing Fun.
Match attending: 6/18 Spain v Chile at Maracana in Rio; Honduras v Ecuador.

Name: Nancy Rickert
Age: 44
Traveling with: Bob Wentland (Bellevue Fire Dept) and his sons Andrew and Alex.
Why attending: I've played soccer since I was 5 and attending World Cup games has been on my bucket list for a long time. And it's Brazil!
Matches attending: Italy vs Costa Rica, Croatia vs Mexico, USA vs Germany and a Round of 16 game - all played in Recife.

Name: Keith Stier-Van Essen
Age: 36
Hometown: Seattle
Traveling with: My friend Justin Marx.
Why attending: WORLD CUP IN BRAZIL!! How is this not on everyone's bucket list?!!!
Match attending: 6/18 Spain v Chile at Maracana in Rio; Honduras v Ecuador.

Name: Kurt Weber
Age: 42
Hometown: Seattle
Traveling with: My wife, Anna Le.
Why attending: Sounders season-ticket holders, never been to Brazil
Matches attending: USA vs. Ghana, Switzerland vs. France.