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Boeing Live Event Coverage

Seattle Times aerospace reporter Dominic Gates covers top industry events to bring you the latest news, highlighting how it impacts Boeing and its competitors.

July 8, 2012 at 7:00 AM

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A cool sneak peak: video of how the 787 will fly at Farnborough

The 787 will fly in Farnborough's afternoon displays, Boeing's first participation with a jetliner in these thrilling aerial displays since the Farnborough show in 1988.

Former chief 787 test pilot Mike Carriker* took the Qatar Airways plane up for a test flight from the Farnborough airfield and Flightglobal sent up a small plane to film it.

The video, less than 3 minutes long, is posted online and looks spectacular.

Some of the footage is filmed in infrared thanks to a thermal imagery camera made by Portland, Ore.-based FLIR Systems. The heat of the engines makes them appear on fire in those segments.
787 flight video.JPG

(Screen shot from the Flightglobal video)

This is going to be a highlight of the Air Show. Let's hope the weather doesn't foil the plan. Intermittent torrential rain is forecast for the week ahead.

* CORRECTION: An earlier version of this blog item stated incorrectly that it was chief 787 test pilot Randy Neville who flew the 787 on this test run at Farnborough. It was Carriker. Neville will fly the plane in the flying display Tuesday afternoon.