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September 13, 2011 at 3:41 PM

Bikes and cars: Come on. We have to do better

Posted by Joni Balter

The latest car-bike fatality is another tragic reminder of how bad relations between bikes and cars have become in Seattle and environs. Isn't it the job of users of both modes of transportation to keep an eye on one another?
Keep in mind, the latest fatalities occurred in the summer, when the city has the most light and greatest ability for motorists and cyclists to see each other and respond safety.
Now it's September. Fall is around the corner. The hours of daylight are declining. There is more cause for concern. One wrong move and your life changes forever, motorist, cyclist, pedestrian.
I wrote a column a few years back about poor relations between cyclists, motorists and pedestrians, lamenting what is basically a battle for limited public space.
With a civic culture that advocates more cycling, yet with so many drivers so impatient and in a hurry, we really have to find ways to do better.
It's disgraceful to see so many innocent lives snuffed out by these often preventable kinds of accidents.

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