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Originally published Wednesday, June 29, 2011 at 4:10 PM

Bring on the summer ... please!

The Seattle Times editorial board denounces the weather.

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WE denounce the weather. The weather in Seattle has been beyond annoying. We are tired of it, and demand that it heal itself and bring on summer for real.

It has appeared to do this a number of times by offering a day of brilliant sun, only to cancel the production with drizzle and gray. We have suffered too many of these false starts, and demand that Mother Nature get a move on.

It is not usual for newspaper editorial pages to make demands of the natural processes of Earth. We have a tolerance for them that we lack for presidents, governors and members of the Legislature. This is a good rule, generally.

But the Legislature is not around to kick anymore — and the Legislature, in a good year, is followed by summer.

Well, where is it?

As we write, the sky is gray again, following a night of light drizzle. You would think it was April, or March maybe, but it is nearly July.

By the time you read this the pall may have lifted and the sun have come out. But the question is, will it stay out for enough time to schedule a barbecue, warm up the lake and to jump-start our gardens of zucchini and corn?

We have said our prayers. We would sacrifice a goat if that is what newspaper editorial pages did, but it is not. We are in the denouncing business, mostly. It is what we do.

And so we denounce the weather. It is weak, it is pathetic, it is false. Away with it! We are ready for summer, and we are ready now.


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