Originally published Tuesday, October 18, 2011 at 3:46 PM

Persson for Renton Council

The Seattle Times editorial board supports Don Persson for re-election to the Renton City Council.

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quotes How can Persson say that Renton is no longer in the library business? Persson has... Read more
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THE Seattle Times editorial board endorses incumbent Don Persson for re-election to a fourth term on the Renton City Council.

Persson, 69, chairs the council's Finance Committee, with responsibility for ensuring Renton has a balanced budget — which it has.

For 30 years Persson was with the Renton Police Department, retiring as deputy chief. He has a deep knowledge of the state's eighth-largest city and faces a one-issue candidate.

His opponent, Phyllis Forister, 73, was for 23 years assistant to the superintendent of King's School, a Christian academy in Shoreline. She has no city government experience relevant to being on the council.

Her main issue is Renton's decision to join the King County Library System and to sell new library bonds. The first decision was made by voters, narrowly, and the second by the City Council, also narrowly. We are not convinced they were wrong decisions, and in any case they are done.

Says Persson, "We are out of the library business." That being so, members of the Renton City Council should focus on other issues. That is what he is doing and she is not.


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