Originally published Wednesday, October 19, 2011 at 3:46 PM

Kirkland City Council: The Times recommends Sternoff, Nixon and Asher

The Kirkland City Council endorsements are Bob Sternoff, Position 2; Toby Nixon, Position 4, and Dave Asher, Position 6.

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quotes Kirkland City Council: The Times recommends Sternoff, Nixon and Asher You know what... Read more

THE city of Kirkland grew by 31,000 residents with the annexation of Finn Hill, Juanita and Kingsgate. The Kirkland City Council has the dual challenge of fully integrating its new neighbors and taxpayers into the state's 12th largest city, while maintaining the community's beloved small-town feel.

Knitting those areas into the city poses challenges that will require enthusiasm and deft political handling. Toby Nixon, who is challenging the Position 4 incumbent, brings both. The Kingsgate resident worked for the annexation as co-chair of Citizens for One Kirkland; incumbent Jessica Greenway was the lone council vote against annexation.

Nixon is a seasoned leader with extensive local and statewide connections as a former state representative, former fire district commissioner, chairman of the Kirkland Ethics Task Force and president of the Washington Coalition of Open Government.

Greenway deserves credit for her work garnering neighborhood support for a transit-oriented development in south Kirkland.

Incumbent Bob Sternoff is endorsed for another term over challenger Jason Gardiner. The race for the Position 2 council seat is a choice between someone who knows the issues and someone eager to learn them.

Gardiner, also from newly annexed Kingsgate, has great potential for public service, and he should seek out appointments to community boards that build on that enthusiasm.

Sternoff has a solid record of service on regional panels representing Kirkland's interests. Demonstrated knowledge and capacity are in his favor, but Sternoff needs to convey a sense he is beyond past distractions.

Incumbent Dave Asher is an easy endorsement for re-election to Position 6. He has served the community well. He did not attract serious opposition, perhaps because of his experience and strong record of public service. Asher is a steady leader who will help move Kirkland ahead.


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