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Live chat with Ed Cunningham

Highlights of a live chat with Ed Cunningham

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Former Husky and ESPN analyst Ed Cunningham talked about this year's UW team, his favorite stadiums, being the QB of the offensive line and more in a live on-line chat with Seattle Times readers Friday.

Q. Do you see a huge drop in production for the overall offensive scheme under Keith Price?

Cunningham: Quite the opposite. I believe this offense, based on how long Polk is out with his injury, will be more efficient.

Q. Outside of Husky Stadium, what is your favorite college football venue to play / broadcast in?

Cunningham: Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Nebraska. Both as a player and a broadcaster. Both from the '91 game and the multiple times I've broadcast from that stadium, the people and the place are a great part of college football.

Q. What are your thoughts on the situation down in Miami? And is it time to start paying players?

Cunningham: Full-cost scholarships are something that should have been a part of college football for several decades. It's time for us to make this a reality.

Q. People talk a lot about the center being the "quarterback" of the offensive line. What kind of responsibilities do good centers have with regards to line calls, reading defenses, etc.?

Cunningham: In the passing game, a good center sets the protection, meaning who they are going to block in case of a blitz, and helps his linemates with information pre-snap, like someone showing a potential blitz. In the run game, making sure that you're leaving the right people unblocked is the key so that everyone knows who's free on the play if there is going to be a free body.

Much of this is because centers are usually the worst size/power athlete on the entire offensive line. So we have to be smart to add something to the equation.

Q. Who was the toughest D-lineman you went up against while at UW?

Cunningham: Steve Emtman. The best opposing defender I ever had to block was Junior Seau. He was tough, fast, quick and smart.

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