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September 7, 2009 at 4:00 PM

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Beck in Mt. Vernon: Should he get the city's keys?

Posted by Letters editor

Beck's claim of racism not so far-fetched

Editor, The Times:

According to The Times ["Mt. Vernon not united on mayor's 'Beck Day,' " News, Sept. 3], there are some who disagree with the mayor of Mount Vernon declaring a Glenn Beck Day and awarding Beck with the keys to the city.

Their objection to the recognition and award is that Glenn said he felt our president was a racist.

Let's see how Beck might have arrived at that conclusion. The one instance that stands out to all who heard President Obama is the statement he made about the white police officer who arrested the black professor when the professor would not cooperate with the officer and was causing a disturbance in the professor's neighborhood.

Without any knowledge of the facts or hearing both sides of the issue, our president called the officer stupid for his actions. That comes under the classification of assuming.

I learned a long time ago as an adjuster for a major insurance company that decisions must not be made without all the facts. My guess is that Beck and other people thought Obama was showing signs of racism by speaking out for the black professor before the whole story came to light. It's up to all of us, I would think now, to draw our own conclusions.

The mayor of Mount Vernon is trying to honor a native guy who rose from a simple beginning in that town to a giant in the TV world with listener ratings going through the roof. Apparently liberals in Mount Vernon are not thrilled with this fact.

-- Ed Anderson, Kirkland

In honorary day, an endorsement of Beck's radical views

Surely Mayor Bud Norris knows this announcement of Glenn Beck Day amounts to a sanction of Beck's current program views.

His notoriety comes from these views and his program! It is not like he is a talented singer, painter or scientist with shockingly nasty views on the side.

Paris Hilton Day for our daughters anyone?

-- Martin Walters, Renton

A Glenn Beck Day of fear-mongering and hate-spewing

I was aghast to read in The Seattle Times that the mayor of Mount Vernon is throwing wide the doors of the city for an official Glenn Beck Day later this month.

Glenn Beck is a fear-mongering, hate-spewing, ignorant and ridiculous jerk. If Mount Vernon goes ahead with this insane plan, the city will not see one more dime of my money, nor that of anyone else I know who has a grain of intelligence.

-- Judy K. Faaberg, Everett

Beck has a wide audience, smartly critical voice

Why is it so wrong for a mayor of a small town to give recognition to a very successful person who grew up in Mount Vernon. I would guess that if this were Keith Olbermann the tone of Mark Rahner's article would be different.

I am getting tired of the lack of neutrality demonstrated by the press. Does Glenn Beck criticize the president? Yes he does. But why is it wrong to criticize President Obama but OK to bash [former President] Bush?

I feel The Times and most of the media should be ashamed in the lack of reporting. You are giving the public a one-sided view of the facts. For example, Glenn Beck's ratings are much higher than counterparts on CNN and MSNBC.

Rahner, you should watch Glenn's show. I watch both the Fox shows and CNN and MSNBC. I feel Glenn is no more biased than other hosts on the other network or yourself.
Glenn is not liked by the liberal media because he brings up topics like President Obama's green jobs czars Van Jones' past and views. Many Americans would not agree with Jones.

Maybe this is why the ratings for Glenn Beck's show are killing MSNBC. His show is seen by 2.8 million people while the combined total of Hard Ball, Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann is less.

Glenn is not a reporter.

Rahner, are you?

-- Ken Hodges, Woodinville

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