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February 22, 2010 at 3:58 PM

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Shouts to Wall Street from Monroe's Main Street

Posted by Letters editor

Blame Republicans, not Democrats

Hey, from Seattle to Monroe: Wise up to who is doing what to you — hint, it’s not the Democrats [“Monroe to D.C.: wake up!” page one, Feb. 19].

These Obama haters and uninformed whiners from Monroe are getting just what they deserve. Do they think they’re special and the laws of economics don’t affect them? I know — as well as I can sitting here — that they voted for George Bush twice and then wanted McCain and Palin to win in 2008. That’s moronic. It was the Bush administration’s economic decisions that are causing our present recession problems.

It was the Republicans who caused these problems, yet these people still want to blame Democrats and then elect Republicans to solve these same problems that were caused initially by Republicans. It’s a circular firing squad.

Republicans don’t ever really deal in reality, so they just blame liberals and Democrats instinctively — no questions asked. It’s a mindset caused by listening to right-wing hate radio, Fox News and their own self-indoctrinated hatred of liberals and the “liberal agenda.” They can’t stop because, after 50 years of propaganda and mind bending, they are conditioned and programmed to believe that liberals are inherently wrong on everything.

Nevertheless, some [Republicans] are starting to see that it’s their own beliefs that are causing their own downfall. It’s so much harder to look at both sides than it is to see just one side — hating liberals. I’m betting that liberals and our understanding will win against any more hollow rhetoric from Republicans who don’t even know how to study history.

— Doug Morrison, Seattle

What are they whining about?

Seattle Times staff reporters report that Monroe in Snohomish County has a message for the other Washington: “Quit your whining and get it done.” The question is: Get what done? What do the teabaggers want done except to somehow move the Obama family out of the White House?

Isn’t that what their protests are all about? Obama has been trying for a year to “get it done” but he has been opposed by the Republicans in the Congress at virtually every turn. They have voted en bloc to stymie Obama’s every attempt to turn this economy around from the disastrous course set for it by George Bush and his Republican accomplices in Congress.

His health-care initiative, as modest as it is, has been the bete noire for the Republicans. He has received no help form them at all, just die-hard opposition. If Obama recited the “Lord’s Prayer,” he would be met with screams of protest by congressional Republicans and a million teabaggers.

What do they want? Naturally, even after voting against the stimulus and badmouthing it at every opportunity, Republicans in Congress have been calling the administration and begging for their share of the money and then taking credit for it in their respective states by cutting ribbons, etc. It’s sheer hypocrisy!

— Gary Nelson, Bellingham

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