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November 7, 2010 at 12:00 PM

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National midterm election commentary

Posted by Letters editor

Rather than unproductive stalemate, Congress must pursue unity

Frankly, I’m extremely dismayed and discouraged by the recent election results. The main problem being that our Republicans will probably spend the next two years attempting to undo or reverse everything that President Obama has attempted to achieve over the past two years. This will force President Obama to utilize his veto to block all of their attempts and the resulting stalemate situation just isn’t good for anybody.

What’s needed now is for some political leadership to unite both parties, which are currently totally divided. Where’s the political leadership of someone like President Lincoln, who once said, “A house divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.” In yet another speech, Lincoln urged “that is time to bind up our wounds.” I can already visualize the healing speech that should be delivered by President Obama and I hope that somebody from either party will step forward to deliver it.

For example, “This is not a time for us to be proud Republicans or proud Democrats. This is the time for us all to remember that we are first and foremost proud Americans. This is a time for us to put aside our past political differences and work together to do what’s right for our country and for our follow citizens. Frankly, this is a time for political leadership and for us all to either lead, follow or get out of the way. Let’s work together to grow a viable and strong economy and let’s work together to create jobs so that all Americans will benefit ”

Where’s that kind of leadership? Alas, I see it not in either of our political parties.

— Alex Ainscough, Redmond

GOP majority must man up for an immediate U-turn

I trust that the GOP recognizes that those of us who voted them back into power will realize that was to perform a complete and immediate “U-turn.” We need to repeal all of the failed Obama new-direction agenda and policies starting with the Obama health-care takeover, re-enact all the Bush tax cuts making them permanent, salvage any of the unassigned or unspent $800 billion failed stimulus package and cut government spending by 25 percent focusing on the value received from the departments of Agriculture, Education, Transportation and Energy.

Also, when selecting a new speaker of the House, we need someone who will bring a gun to the gunfight, rather than a penknife while singing “Kumbaya.” We are not eager to hear any excuse for not bringing legislation to the floor for fear that Obama will veto it. Make him act if that is the case and persist as if you’re in the majority. Oops, you are! However, we do expect all legislation, including earmarks if they still exist, to be passed in the light of day and lacking in tome volumes so all concerned may read and understand easily.

Good luck and man up for a change!

— Gary Kennedy, Des Moines

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