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May 26, 2011 at 4:01 PM

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Camping announces new Doomsday date

Posted by Letters editor

The kindness prophecy

Editor, The Times:

I was surprised to see the brief article “Radio host says he was off on Rapture by 5 months” [News, May 24] about Harold Camping, the California preacher who has been prophesying the end of the world for the last two decades, and his new calculation that the real day of reckoning is now Oct. 21 of this year.

I would have thought that, as a man of God, he would have done a little soul searching about what might really be going on with his prophecy failure before he hit the airwaves again.

I have decided that all the Doomsday predictors like him and those who suggest the end of the Mayan calendar marks disasters for Earth and the human race are just projecting their unconscious fears out and inviting others to join them and do the same.

When I read these tales of horror for all, or just those who are not good enough to be spared by the hand of a very fickle and exclusive God, I think what if it is possible these people are picking up on changes afoot but are grossly misreading it?

I suggest that what may really be happening is indeed global and will change the course of human events (look at the changes in the Middle East), but is of a decidedly more positive nature.

Maybe the cumulative thoughts and actions of regular people striving to be good citizens of the world is gaining a foothold. Each one of us in our own private way can contribute to this prophecy of goodness prevailing over fear each day by reaching out to anyone in his/her office, neighborhood and community with kindness. That is the prophecy I believe in.

— Prudence Harris, Kirkland

Outsmarting the Almighty

What do you mean the Rapture didn’t happen on May 21? All we know for sure is that Harold Camping and his credulous followers weren’t chosen.

It’s not surprising that God would leave behind a man so arrogant and presumptuous as to think he could outsmart the Almighty, who clearly stated that he/she would not alert us ahead of time.

Nor would God be interested in rapturing followers of a false prophet.

— Mary Lynn Buss, Vashon

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