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October 5, 2011 at 4:00 PM

Editorial argues Inslee should shift focus from health care

Posted by Letters editor

Reforms are important state issue

Editor, The Times:

Apparently our state’s next governor shouldn’t concern himself with federal issues of any kind, even those that have a significant effect on the people of our state.

At least that’s the impression I got from your Oct. 4 editorial [“Shifting campaign gears,” Opinion] accusing U.S. Rep. Jay Inslee of not focusing on state issues when he called on Attorney General Rob McKenna to drop his lawsuit that seeks to repeal the new federal health-care law.

Are you really trying to argue that health-care reform isn’t an important issue for our state’s leaders to discuss? This is a national policy that has tremendous budgetary and political implications for our state. Our next governor will play a pivotal role in either helping or hindering the implementation of these reforms.

Worse, that editorial comes right on the heels of an editorial calling on the state to end our Basic Health program, considered a national model, to save money.

We don’t save money by taking health care away from people, and we don’t need a governor working to further hinder access to affordable health care. I applaud Inslee for taking a strong stand in favor of expanding accessible health care for Washington citizens. The question you should be asking is how McKenna plans to improve our health-care system, if he is successful in his lawsuit.

— Lisa Plymate, Seattle

McKenna’s involvement should not be ignored

Your editorial chastising Rep. Jay Inslee for highlighting Attorney General Rob McKenna’s opposition to the federal health-insurance reform act is unconvincing, to say the least.

Health insurance (or lack thereof) is a constant, terrifying worry for individuals and families across our state. To contend that McKenna’s joining the lawsuit against the reform act will make no difference in the outcome causes me to ask why McKenna is wasting taxpayers’ precious money on something so frivolous. He is joining the suit because he is opposed to the act and wants to let voters know where he stands, which says an awful lot about how he would govern Washington. For Inslee — and voters — to ignore this would be foolhardy.

— Beverly Marcus, Seattle

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