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November 18, 2011 at 4:00 PM

Just Fix It: raising revenue

Posted by Letters editor

Tax high-income earners and give proceeds to education

The solution is as clear as it was in 2010: The Legislature should resurrect and pass William Gates Sr.’s Initiative 1098, calling for a modest income tax on high-income earners and targeting the proceeds to education and health care.

— Michael Perlman, Seattle

Give half of all political donations to education

What if 50 percent of all political donations went directly to the education fund with no strings or taxes attached or deducted?

This would make the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on donations and the obscene amounts spent on campaigns a little more palatable.

— Janis Thompson, Kent

Progressive income tax to raise revenue

The Legislature should submit tax-reform packages to the electorate until one is passed, preferably a progressive one with a graduated income tax, and reductions in the sales and property taxes. We need a tax system that increases revenue fairly.

Many things would help our education system produce better results, but the major need is more money.

— Diann Shope, Seattle

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