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March 15, 2012 at 4:00 PM

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Some blame rising gas prices on the president

Obama administration should accept more responsibility

I believe the president can impact gas prices. [“Experts: Gas prices not president’s fault,” News, March 14.]

By the same logic, the president can’t do much about real estate prices and the prime rate. The president can do nothing about global warming. The president is not personally involved in fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, so he can’t do much about that.

While President Obama’s administration actively and intensely has widened the power and prerogatives of the executive branch of the government, it has refused to accept any responsibilities. The buck never stops with the president. It’s always the fault of the Congress, nature or the American people.

Maybe it would be better to abolish the executive branch and to allow people to govern themselves.

— Michael Velikin, Kenmore

More gas needed in America than Europe

Those who say that gasoline prices should rise to those of Europe tend to forget how big America is!

If you are driving in Europe, the distance from Rome to Paris is 687 miles, which would not take you across Montana. If you take a good look at middle America, there are thousands of small cities and towns that are not serviced by any commercial transportation, so driving is a necessity.

If gasoline costs $9 or $10 where there is commercial transportation, as we have here in Seattle, gasoline would be at least that in Eastern Montana where folks might drive 40 to 50 miles to get to a grocery store and their mailbox. Would a battery-operated car work for them?

Letting gasoline prices rise to slow our dependence on fossil fuels and move toward these cars is not practical at this time. America is a petroleum-driven society, and what we have available here will do us just fine, if our government will let us do so.

— John Moe, Federal Way

Obama has done more oil exploration than Bush

Not only is Rush Limbaugh being abandoned by his advertisers, but Sarah Palin is being called out in a film showing how horrified the McCain staff was when they found out the truth about her ego and her willingness to spout slurs against Barack Obama. [“Palin aides lash out at HBO’s ‘Game Change,’ ”, Feb. 22.]

And this is the same time the Republican presidential candidates choose to go on the attack against birth control and women’s right to make their own decisions about their bodies. You would think the Republican Party, in picking its candidates, would have studied the flameout of the McCain/Palin campaign. But it seems it remains committed to spreading the most outrageous lies and distortions about our president.

Now, it is adding the totally inaccurate charge that the president is responsible for rising gas prices. The truth is that there has been more oil exploration in America under President Obama than under George W. Bush. While I’m not crazy about that fact, I have no doubt the Republicans are fully aware of it.

But perhaps the American people are getting to the point where they will no longer listen exclusively to whomever is shouting the loudest and vilest distortions. Let’s hope so.

— Robert M. Stevenson, Port Townsend

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