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March 16, 2012 at 4:00 PM

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Should Washington strengthen its gun laws?

Register, insure and lock guns

We need to stop killing children with their elder’s guns. [“Another child shot: Are gun laws too lax?” page one, March 15.]

It’s time for a discussion about enhancing our gun laws to prevent any future needless deaths. Three simple steps might help:

First, all guns must be registered so we know who owns them and where they should be. This should be a national database.

Second, gun owners must have liability insurance for their weapons, as we require of the owners of automobiles.

Third, the owner must prove that he/she possesses an effective trigger lock for each weapon.

In time, common sense will prevail among responsible gun owners, who are the vast majority, and the liability insurance industry will identify and deny insurance to the miscreants who are the cause of the problem.

The Second Amendment was not intended to institutionalize stupidity. Reasonable people can make reasonable accommodations to prevent future tragedies.

— Bob Geary, Seattle

Cover photo was sensationalistic

I think the March 14 front-page picture of the 8-year-old shooting victim showing her in a coma and intubated are inexcusable, in poor taste and reek of sensationalism. [“Prosecutor throws book at mother of armed boy.”]

Everyone gets it. The entire situation is a tragedy; however, putting these pictures up to spoil any future jury pool is the wrong thing to do. The family must really be grieving to allow release of such information since HIPAA laws clearly protect the medical records of the child.

— Marsele Burns, Bellevue

A new mantra

According to gun proponents, guns don’t kill people; people kill people.

After the recent headlines: “Police officer’s daughter, 7, dies after sibling fires gun in family van,” “3-year-old fatally shoots self in Tacoma,” and “Prosecutor throws book at mother of armed boy,” I think gun proponents need a new mantra: Sometimes guns do kill people, or badly wound the innocent.

— Deborah Wilson, Everett

Thirty thousand deaths every year

Thirty thousand gun deaths occur in the U.S. every year, approximately 12,000 of which are homicides.

There are those who still believe that the right to bear arms should not be limited in any way. If we could think of 30,000 as the manifestation of a public-health threat that could be reduced or prevented by some inoculation, we would surely demand that this be done.

Thirty thousand is several times the number we have lost in the last war debacle, and the lifetime injuries are probably similar. Shouldn’t homeland security for our children come first?

The immediate cost to each family and community of such carnage cannot be imagined.

This is a big price to pay for the antiquated language of the Second Amendment.

— Rachael Levine, Seattle

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