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May 10, 2012 at 4:00 PM

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Obama's bold, risky shift backing gay marriage

Contrast with Romney

Editor, The Times:

The contrast between President Obama and Mitt Romney could not be more stark. [“Obama’s bold, risky shift backing gay marriage,” page one, May 10.]

Obama, a “profile in courage,” voiced his support for gay marriage, knowing that this will cost him some states he won in 2008. Karl Rove, the Koch brothers and their 1 percent supporters are salivating over the ads they will create.

Meanwhile, Romney has never expressed an opinion contrary to his perception of the political winds, or the interests of his rich friends. For him, truth is a victim of expediency. In almost every issue, including gay rights, he has made statements that contradict previous stands. Courage is not an option. Romney constantly sacrifices integrity for his ambition.

— David Rader, Seattle

Brave move

I would like to add to President Obama’s view on gay marriage and use the words from Star Trek, “To boldly go where no man has gone before.”

The president has also lived up to the words of our national anthem: “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” One brave president!

— Leo Shillong, Bellingham

Other concerns more important

Front page headlines — “President Supports Gay Marriage.”

We are (USA) over $15 trillion in debt, God only knows how many trillions in unfunded debt, no idea how to fix the tax code, a dysfunctional Congress that’s only care is getting re-elected, a state that continues to kick the debt can down the road and The Seattle Times headline is about gay marriage?

That pretty well defines who we are and where we are headed. How sad!

— Drew Popson, Kent

‘Evolving’ views

It’s no surprise that President Obama has finally come out for gay marriage. His opinion on that subject has, by his own words, been “evolving” for some time. What is a bit of a surprise is that he allowed a bumbling Joseph Biden to be the point man on it.

President Obama is a master of the carefully crafted phrase. He doesn’t do or say anything that he doesn’t first weigh about how it might affect his possible re-election. Now come other questions. On what other issues is he “evolving”? A nationalized economy? Totally open borders? Maybe just an extra term or three.

What kind of “flexibility” (in his overheard conversation with the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev) does he want in a second term? Will he throw away the missile shield? Cede to China all the waters off the Philippine Islands? The list is endless and, frankly, the answers concern me.

American cannot afford another four years of Barack Obama.

— Denny Andrews, Bellevue

Credit Biden

Well, better late than never, Mr. President. If Vice President Joe Biden, followed one day later by Education Secretary Arne Duncan, hadn’t voiced their support of gay marriage, President Obama’s position would be “still evolving” with the speed of an inebriated slug.

Of course, the day after next November’s election, that evolution would miraculously speed up. The irony is that Obama’s position, at least until today, was actually one of devolution. After all, in the past, he was firmly on board the gay-marriage train. Until he became president.

There’s a lesson here for you politicians that, when confronted by a “tough” issue (and this one wasn’t all that tough), why not try stating, clearly and publicly, what’s in your hearts and minds, then let the political chips fall where they may? Something tells me those chips won’t pose any danger to Obama on election night.

Thanks again, Mr. Biden, as you’re the one who got your boss to finally come out of hiding.

— Steve Graham, Seattle

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