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May 24, 2012 at 4:00 PM

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Catholic institutions file lawsuit challenging contraception rule

Vendetta against intelligent Catholic women

Editor, The Times:

Again and yet again, will it ever end?! Last week it was the Girl Scouts; three weeks ago it was the good Catholic sisters of this country. And now the United States Conference of Bishops, the same group that blames the shameful run of documented child molestation by a large number of Catholic priests during the ’50s through’80s on the hippies, is at it again.

They are leading efforts to make it more difficult for women and their men to access birth control. [“Catholic groups turn to courts in contraceptive fights,” page one, May 22.]

Seems like these bishops conveniently forget that well over 90 percent of Catholic women who are sexually active use some form of birth control. Again it’s the poor and less-advantaged Catholic and other women among us who get hurt the most when this group and its sheepish ancillaries continue their control vendetta against intelligent Catholic women.

The current tea party and Bible Belt extremists who are also fixated on keeping women down are loving these Catholic bishops. Their arrogance is exceeded only by their irrelevance.

— Al “Butch” Smith, Seattle

Salute the church

I salute the Catholic Church and their lawsuit against Obamacare.

Our country was not founded on the separation of church and state where the government is “protected” from religion. It is exactly the opposite. The church has every right and duty to adhere to its ordinances and practices in what it supports and offers to employees. You as an employee have no right to make your employer bend to your beliefs as a condition of your working there, regardless of whether it is the church, Microsoft, Boeing or mom-and-pop grocery stores.

In her 15 minutes of fame, this is something Sandra Fluke et al. don’t seem to understand despite her expensive education.

This administration is a very dangerous commodity and its support of Occupy Wall Street is proof positive.

— Phil Stanat, Des Moines

Birth control not related to illness

It’s not unusual to see letters in The Times written by idiots, but one in today’s paper is unbelievable.

I’m not a Catholic, but I commend the Catholic Church (or any church) for founding hospitals, colleges or charities. The author of the letter “Contraception: personal lives,” Opinion, May 24] apparently thinks we need fewer hospitals, colleges, or charities if they don’t provide free birth control for employees.

Frankly, I don’t understand why any medical plan should provide birth-control pills or devices.

They are not used to cure or prevent any illness. Using them is a personal choice. It would make more sense for Medicare to provide me with free vitamin pills or exercise equipment.

— Gary T. McGavran, Bellevue

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