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May 30, 2012 at 4:00 PM

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Police outline plans to quell gun violence in Seattle

Politicians must act

Editor, The Times:

Since March of 1981 when then-President Reagan and his aide James Brady were shot, the Brady family, a number of police organizations and cities have tried to reduce gun violence by cutting access to guns. The gun lobby led by the National Rifle Association has fought these efforts tooth and nail with lots of money.

We now have a gun epidemic, not only in Seattle, but across the country. [“Cops: Guns, not gangs, are issue,” page one, May 30.] It is time for all politicians to unite and outlaw ready access to guns to save our children and citizens from this senseless gun epidemic. We must get rid of guns.

— Susan David, Kirkland

Blame parents, not guns

Nobody can dispute that firearms in the wrong hands is a disaster waiting to happen. However, placing the blame on the guns is no different from blaming a vehicle for drunken driving deaths.

Why can we not place blame where it is deserved? A growing percentage of our population are misfits, and we can thank all the parents who failed in raising decent children, especially all the men who “fathered” these kids and were nowhere to be found after insemination. And so goes the cycle.

— Richard Eirich, Kirkland

Stop pointing finger at guns

It’s no surprise that the leaders of Seattle have chosen to address the issue of guns rather than the whackos who pull them out and start shooting in random directions.

Perhaps they have also noticed that if it weren’t for cars people wouldn’t drive drunk, or if there weren’t any notes that said “Give me all the money” there wouldn’t be any bank robberies?

I ask everyone this: Would a shooting be more acceptable if it were a stabbing or beating instead? The issue is a human one, so let’s look at that.

— Karl Woods, SeaTac

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