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July 5, 2012 at 4:00 PM

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Times endorses Rob McKenna for governor

Comparing candidates

Your fundamental error in endorsing Rob McKenna [“Rob McKenna for governor,” editorial, Opinion, July 1] for governor based on his supposed moderation and pragmatism is eloquently expressed in the facing column by Nicholas Kristof [“A pop quiz on candidates Obama and Romney,” Opinion, July 1], expressing doubts about Mitt Romney and his supposed moderation and pragmatism. Kristof wrote, “The broader worry is that presidents (read governors) inevitably empower their political parties, and, in Romney’s (read McKenna’s) case, that would be a Republican party that makes no pretense of moderation.”

I’ve been disappointed in Jay Inslee’s rather disengaged campaign so far. I’m not sure he deserves to be governor, partly for the reasons you list — not having “been here,” and not being a manager. But the only hope for moderation and pragmatism in Washington if McKenna wins is for the retention of a strongly Democratic Legislature. In spite of my lack of enthusiasm for Inslee, this voter’s choice is certainly clear — and it’s not the one you say it is.

— Chris Nielsen, Shoreline

Jay Inslee, not Rob McKenna

Sorry, Seattle Times, but the facts don’t support your repeated cries that Rob McKenna is somehow closer to the people of the state of Washington than is Jay Inslee.

To the contrary, McKenna misrepresented his constituents when he helped to orchestrate the effort to overturn the Affordable Care Act and joined the suit against the law.

No amount of ink from The Times editors can obscure this. McKenna is not a bad person, but he clearly has an agenda that is more in alignment with Tea Party nitwits than with the majority of Washingtonians.

Inslee is the right person for the job of governor of this state.

— Jeremy Smithson, Seattle

Keep Washington blue!

Of course The Seattle Times would endorse Rob McKenna since it has been a right-leaning newspaper for many years.

The most flimsy argument in support of McKenna is the one saying that since McKenna has been physically in the state as opposed to Jay Inslee being in Washington, D.C., for the past 13 years, that that somehow makes McKenna more knowledgeable about the state’s issues. Are you kidding me? Has the Times not heard about the Internet, email, phones and airplanes that bring U.S. representatives back and forth from their home states to D.C.?

McKenna is just another Republican who tries to portray himself as a moderate so he can get elected, yet in reality, there are no more moderate Republicans.

People forget that it was under the Bush administration that our economy crashed because of its irresponsible wars and tax cuts for the wealthy, making it harder for the federal government to continue to give aid to the states.

Then the states have less money and have to cut back on everything to balance the budgets. McKenna is already talking about balancing the budget on the back of the public employees, supporting charter schools; he is notoriously anti-abortion and is no friend to the environment.

Wake up Washington state citizens! A vote for McKenna is a vote against your own best interests. Inslee has a proven track record which is pro-environment, pro-women’s rights, pro-union and the right to make a decent living; sounds like an all-inclusive agenda for a state that continues to be a great place to live and work because of the progressive people who know that voting Democratic means that we all need to pay our fair share so everyone, not just the rich, has a chance to live a happy, prosperous life.

Vote for Jay Inslee and keep Washington blue!

— Gayle Janzen, Seattle

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