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February 13, 2013 at 4:00 PM

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Blogging barista gets fired

Watson overstepped boundaries

While the blog was obviously satirical, I do believe that Matt Watson deserved to be fired [“Barista’s blog too bitter for boss’s taste,” page one, Feb. 12].

The blog mentioned customer requests and “nagging” demands. Watson also faced the risk of being fired by writing about his boss. If Watson truly felt highly about Seth Levy he would not have written about him on a blog. Could you imagine what it would be like to work with an employee who posted gossip and insults about you?

Additionally, the “likes” on Levy’s website do not equate to a rise in popularity at All City Coffee. In fact, the boss would seem like an idiot for keeping him there. Watson may acquire a cult appeal at the other coffee shops he has been offered positions at, but nobody wants bad coffee.

--Zachary Spirer, Seattle

Bitter Barista is a creative outlet

I don’t think that it is fair for Matt Watson to be fired while the All City Coffee is getting all the hits and press. I mean it is understandable and legal for people to express their feelings through the online space. I mean, hey, it is a free country.

Snarky customers have Yelp, snarky baristas have Twitter and blogs. I think it is creative for him to create a blog meant for all the baristas out there to express their feelings. Good for him that he got offers from other coffeehouses that understand his artistic side.

--Nathania Astria, Seattle

Blogger publicizes a lack of professionalism

Matt Watson lost his job at a barista in Georgetown after his boss found out his Bitter Barista blog complained about the customers and his boss during work. Although the website has warned you that the whole thing is a joke, it really lowers the reputation of the company and [shows] how childish Watson is.

What’s more, it seems like his blog [will] become more popular after The Seattle Times published his story. You might laugh at his blog and take it as a joke, but his boss and I aren’t.

After he got fired, he didn’t stop writing the blog. I think he can keep doing that and let the whole world, including his future boss, see how unprofessional he is toward his future and life.

--Niny Yang, Seattle

Watson addresses the inconsiderate

Matt Watson’s blog posts stick with me.

Despite the fact that his satirical posts describe only 5 percent of All City Coffee customers, Watson addresses an issue that we all face. In any industry, but particularly in food and retail, we deal with inconsiderate, self-consumed customers who barely acknowledge that we are living human beings on the other side of the counter. At the end of the day, we’re more likely to remember the few who were rude to us because they have a way of sticking in our minds.

Mixing business life and personal life has become sort of taboo — especially with social media making it impossible to go back in time and undo damage. Although Watson may have crossed a line by mentioning his boss online, he gets kudos from me for being ballsy enough to bash the 5 percent.

--Julia Leitman, Seattle

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