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February 22, 2010 at 4:02 PM

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Apolo Ohno holds Twitter Q&A

Posted by Seattle Times staff

Federal Way short-track legend Apolo Ohno held an impromptu Q&A on Twitter today. He talked about everything from his obsessive yawning before races to his hidden talents on the poker table. We've compiled fans' questions and Ohno's responses below, starting with the first tweets of the session to the last.

For more tweets from Ohno, visit his Twitter profile. You can follow other athletes on Twitter by checking out this verified Olympians list.

@PolkaPenguin (Leesa): Do you get nervous before you race?..and if so, what do you do 2 calm down?
@ApoloOhno: Nancy-yes I get nervous. I embrace it! It's natural-although these Olympics I've been very relaxed. More anxious!

@sandiamaral: to settle a friendly debate over a commercial, my bro in law wants to know if u eat mcdonalds during ur training/games?
@ApoloOhno: I've had no such thing here at the Olympic games. Post 500m race in Torino (2006) we all had brkfst there..

@KevinWho (Kristina): Why do you yawn obsessively b4 a race??
@ApoloOhno: Kristina-the reason why I yawn-many reasons. It relaxes me, I feel like I'm getting more oxygen,& lions do it. Ha!

@emilydarmer: What runs through your head while you're standing on the podium getting your medal?
@ApoloOhno: Emily- many thoughts and emotions. Hard 2 explain but it's an honor 2 stand on that podium.I am prob just smiling.

@Jesslb16: does the design of your suit help performance?
@ApoloOhno: Jesse- performance? Besides making us look silly? Haha! Just better aerodynamics.

@camnyc (Christopher Martin): will the 8zone help me with my marathon training?
@ApoloOhno: absolutely. Any hundreds of other benefits as well!! Post olympics - that's my 100% focus!

@whoastephs (Stephanie Youssef): what size shoes are you?
@ApoloOhno: Stephanie- I'm a size 9..running shoe. if you did not know- I'm a shoe freak so depending on the designer...8.0-8.5

@micahsussman (Micah Sussman): what kind of cross training do you do for speed skating or do you just lift and skate?
@ApoloOhno: micah-we do tons of cross training. Weights, running, biking, jumps, hiking, etc.You name it! Short track is tuff

@santanat81086 (Tonya Santana): is there a significance behind the bandannas you always wear??
@ApoloOhno: Tonya-not significance but I've been using bandanas since 1998...prob to catch sweat.

@thepurplemomma (Brandy Tauai): hope u havent had this question but...where do u consider "home"? just curious as we live in utah and know u practice local...
@ApoloOhno: brandy- I consider the Pacific Northwest home. Utah and Vancity is a second home. Then NY, LA, Chi-town..

@KtinaPDX: Don't forget dancing as one of your cross training sports. :-)
@ApoloOhno: Kristy- of course..I can't ever forget the dancing. THAT show was a trip!! Tons o fun

@SarahMGeist: what is your favorite exercise to do?
@ApoloOhno: Sarah- squats, leg press, running and biking. I love being active outdoors..nature is sacred!

@jeckay7: How do you feel about your hometown boy JR being your successor in the sport? Have you taken him under your wing? :)
@ApoloOhno: JR is rocking it! Coming back from an injury is so tough but he's so incredibly talented!! We have a great team!

@weezie621 (Louise Williamson): what's the best food you've had in Vancouver
@ApoloOhno: Louise- that's a hard question! I love Tojo's...but can't wait to try so many other places.

@MaddyJonasx3: you're an amazing athlete AND you can dance. anything you can't do? :p
@ApoloOhno: maddy- appreciate the love.I can't sing...prob why the music is so loud in my car & house..drowns the sound out!

@newarkoh (Bruce Humphrey): What kind of vitamins and supplements do you take?
@ApoloOhno: Bruce- I have recently started my own nutritional company called more to Come on that after the olympics!

@ApoloOhno: Ok - A few q's about music--currently I've been on this trance/house kick. Mostly during training and competition.- Above&Beyond podcasts

@dreamcatcher923 (Heather Barno): Saw JR's huge tat, do you have any tats?
@ApoloOhno: I do NOT have any tattoos..almost had a giant tattoo on my back, years ago but gladly backed out. I'm TAT free!

@AB1004 (Ashley): Do you have a hidden talent that would shock/amaze people?
@ApoloOhno: I'm a hustler on the poker table and roulette calls my name lol!

@SheralynJeanne: do you read every tweet,email,comment etc. you get?
@ApoloOhno: I try to! It's hard especially now, I truly appreciate all the love & support from everyone. No regrets!

@shilonikelle (Shilo Urban): I NEED TO GET YOU SOME NEW MUSIC IMMEDIATELY, SEATTLE BOY ..... stay tuned
@ApoloOhno: that sounds interesting! Lemme know!

@dangervillage (Beth Martinez): u always say no regrets. do you have any regrets at all?
@ApoloOhno:-Beth-of course! but life is unexpected and how we roll with the changes is what makes us who we are. No regrets

@melaniealys: So what's a dream of yours that you have yet to fulfill? The Olympics are huge, but is there something else?
@ApoloOhno: Melanie- I'd love to still be involved with the Olympic movement. Also-help change peoples lives 4the better! Yes!

@ApoloOhno: Ok friends---we could do this all day- but I've to get to mh afternoon training. It was fun! Thanks 4 so many questions! "awesomesauce" yes!

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