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Originally published June 9, 2008 at 12:00 AM | Page modified June 11, 2008 at 10:10 AM


Letters to the Editor

A sampling of readers' letters, faxes and e-mail.

It's not easy being green

Stats really got us now, they got us so we don't know what we're doing

Editor, The Times:

I have two questions for those who are worried about global warming:

First of all, we know for a fact that the Earth has been much warmer than now in the past, for example, during the age of the dinosaurs. So even if I grant the premise that we are causing global warming, how do we know it would be so bad? How can you prove to me that raising the Earth back to past temperatures would be so bad as you claim?

Second, we also know for a fact that the Earth has been much cooler than now in the past, for example, during the ice age. Therefore, I would like to know: What caused the giant glaciers to melt in the past? Might it have been global warming before cars existed? If so, how do you know that that very same thing isn't also causing the current global warming?

Until these questions are answered, it seems incredibly stupid to spend $45 trillion on something that we might not really need to worry about.

— Tim Clark, Mountlake Terrace

It's getting cold in here, so put on all your clothes

It's June, I'm cold, temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. My tomatoes are not doing well and it is snowing in the Cascades.

Where has my buddy Al Gore been when we need him? I need to hear about global warming again.

— Michael Barmuta, Everett

So long, and thanks for all the backlash

The people of the Midwest are tired of the West Coast bashing us ["Top-selling Ford pickups dethroned," Business, June 4]. Ford has the most fuel-efficient SUVs on the market, the Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner. The Ford Fusion and Edge are leaders in quality and fuel efficiency. The upcoming Fusion hybrid will post mileage numbers greater than Toyota's Camry hybrid. The total sales of hybrid vehicles is rising, but is still less than 1 percent of total vehicle sales.

Ford has matched or exceeded the quality levels of the Japanese brands for the past few years. Most domestic cars and trucks of similar size match or even exceed their fuel efficiency.

The West Coast is stuck in the 1980s and does not know what reality is. Too bad we have such a pathetic government that does not assist key industries the way Japan does. The Japanese government paid for most of the development on their hybrid-battery systems. The real issue is why we have a federal government that does nothing to assist its own domestic industries and provide for a comprehensive program to convert coal to oil/gas in Montana, and drill for oil on the East and West coasts.

We can be self-sufficient in energy — if the government gets out of the way, allows access to known oil fields, allows new refineries to be built, and develops coal to oil technology. Seattle needs to get its head out of Puget Sound and look around! The real enemy is the lack of a real plan by our own government.

— Michael Kelly, Plymouth, Mich.

Death of an icon

She is the one who you never forget

With the passing of Ruby Chow, Seattle has lost a great lady, a rare lady who stood about the rest ["A big political force who bridged cultures," page one, June 5].

When most politicians renew their driver's licenses, they do not wait in line, they go up to the counter and ask to see the supervisor. They have the supervisor renew their license. Ruby Chow always waited in line with the rest of the people. She treated the examiners with a smile and respect.

Many times, Ruby was in line with frightened and nervous Chinese newcomers who in those days were afraid of men in uniform. She never threw her weight around, and she was kind and gracious. You shall not be forgotten Ruby. Ever.

— Bob West, Des Moines

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