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Recipe: Grilled Whole Wild Salmon in Kelp Wrap

The cool thing about bull whip kelp leaves is that they can be used as a substitute for foil to wrap food for grilling. Kelp leaves hold the juices in, and they provide a bit of nice flavoring. They are also completely biodegradable.

For a 5-pound whole salmon you will need about seven bull whip kelp leaves, approximately 3 to 5 inches wide by 4 feet long.

Arrange leaves on table, parallel and overlapping an inch. Lay salmon perpendicular to leaves and roll the salmon up in the leaves. It is tricky the first time, but once you've tried salmon-wrapped kelp, you will want to try it again and again.

Put kelp-wrapped salmon on rack above BBQ coals. (Note: this works in an oven with a baking dish, too.)

Cook salmon until almost done. (Part leaves and check with fork.) The salmon will continue to steam inside the kelp, after it is removed from heat.

Serve salmon in kelp wrap by cutting through kelp leaves, straight down the center of wrap, nose to tail, with sharp knife or scissors, careful not to damage the fish. Lay back the leaves that are now a rich, deep green from being heated.

This is a beautiful and memorable way to honor our native fish. Serve with Wild Salal-Cranberry Relish.

— Jennifer Hahn