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November 16, 2011 at 9:53 AM

Cantwell and Elizabeth Warren to hold joint fundraiser

Posted by Kyung M. Song

Updated at 10:45 a.m. with comment from Cantwell's campaign:

WASHINGTON -- They may be two of only people running for U.S. Senate whose cocktail chatter might revolve around derivatives trading and foreclosure mitigation.

Now Sen. Maria Cantwell and Elizabeth Warren, who is running for Republican Sen. Scott Brown's seat from Massachusetts, are parlaying their reputations as anti-Wall Street crusaders to jointly raise money for their election campaigns.

Dubbed "Fighting for Main Street over Wall Street," the Dec. 9 fundraiser will feature a $1,250-per-person "intimate" luncheon at Seattle's Columbia Tower Club and an evening reception at The Paramount Theatre for $40 a pop.

Cantwell, a two-term Washington Democrat, was one of the more vocal proponents of regulatory reforms in the aftermath of the 2008 economic collapse. Warren, an Oklahoma-born Harvard law professor, helped oversee the taxpayer-funded bailout of financial institutions and was a force behind the creation of the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

But fierce Republican opposition deterred President Obama from nominating Warren to head the new agency.

In his new book about the Obama administration, Ron Suskind depicts Cantwell and Warren in admiring tones. Suskind refers to them as members of "a small but powerful contingent of the sisterhood" who upbraided White House officials and stood down rapacious bankers.

Rose Kapolczynski, Cantwell's political consultant, called the Cantwell-Warren pairing "a natural fit" given their work on financial regulation. Kapolczynski said more than 200 people are expected to attend the reception while "a few dozen" are booked for the luncheon.

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