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Originally published Saturday, May 26, 2012 at 10:30 PM

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Team Tut or Team Chihuly? Seattle's choice for the ages

The Wrap by Ron Judd

Seattle Times staff columnist

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Oh, the agony of choice.

Someone here in Jet City always is offering up a slice or two of cultural enrichment, but this spring, locals have their pick of two unusually big bites, both freshly opened right at Seattle Center:

For $27.50 at the Pacific Science Center, you can drink in the wonder of King Tut's treasures.

Or for a tad less, right around the corner, you can drink from several of King Chihuly's ashtrays.

Don't even think about both. The common mind can only be blown so much in one day.

More high art:

Speaking of Chihuly: Three questions for producers at the website, whose headline heralded the "long-awaited opening" of the Chihuly Museum / Outlet Store: Seriously? By whom, and for how long?

For the Record: No, Mr. Wrap has not ventured over there yet. Waiting for Chihuly himself to make another appearance, so we can watch him not making some of his own art in person.

By the Way: Rumor has it there's a special combo deal in the works: Admission to the Chihuly Museum of Self-Aggrandizement is $19. But for $5 less, you get a glutton-for-punishment pass that gets you into both the Chihuly Mahal and Paul Allen's EMP / Wreck of the Partridge Family Bus.

Pontoon Tanked: Look, all you folks over at Kiewit construction offices, administering the building of the Evergreen Point floating bridge: It's no big deal to pop a brewski once in a while at work. But that drinking game that calls for a chug every time another hapless commuting dupe rings up a "Go Pass" fee? It just looks bad.

Confession of the Week: A Chinese immigrant who beheaded and cannibalized a fellow passenger on a Greyhound bus in Western Canada four years ago thought he was attacking an alien, a mental-health advocate says. Well, OK then. You can see how that could happen.

Timelined: In an online chat, corporate welfarist / arena pitchman Chris Hansen, noting that he likes to under-promise and over-deliver, pegged 2017 as the year his stadium plan might come to fruition. Sadly, yes: That means five more years of self-appointed civic psychiatrists reminding the rest of us how spiritually bereft the region is without regular appearances by the Ringling Bros. & David Stern Traveling Circus.

Loan-ly At the Top: Everybody's been buzzing about congressional candidate Suzan DelBene "quietly" dropping $300,000 into her own campaign fund. That's as opposed to, what? Taping a check to a piano and dropping it into the account from a helicopter?

Just Wondering Department: How is it that the Greeks keep getting to vote on austerity measures, while ours just continually get shoved down our throats?

The Week's "Ya Think?" Moment: "This has proved the game is rigged." — Manhattan College finance professor Charles Geisst, in a Los Angeles Times article describing Wall Street warnings, given only to wealthy clients and insiders, about Facebook's financial outlook before the big-thud Facebook IPO.

And Finally: A Kent theatergoer allegedly bloodied the nose and knocked out the tooth of a 10-year-old kid who laughed at his admonition to refrain from throwing popcorn. The guy plans to hire John Henry Browne to argue that the attack was justifiable because his 3-D glasses made the kid look 30.

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