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Originally published Saturday, August 11, 2012 at 9:30 PM

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Vote 'Ivar Haglund' for name of state's newest ferry

It's high time this state had a boat named after Ivar Haglund, a Seattle native who had the appropriate Northwest sensibility to bring a stack of pancakes to the great Alaskan Way syrup-tanker spill of 1947.

Seattle Times staff columnist

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Game on.

As we predicted here weeks ago, Washington State Ferries (motto: "Can You Believe We Haven't Lost One Yet?") is seeking naming suggestions for its two newest "Olympic Class" ferries.

It's time for the public to step forth and save the agency, for once, from itself.

Everyone knows WSF has a history of assigning boats Native-American names, which is fine in concept. Except when you wind up with seagoing vessels named "Kennewick," (a native word for "grassy slope);" or "Cathlamet," (Chinook for "stone)," and the new class of ferries called "Kwa-di Tabil" (apparently a native word for "permanent list.")

Clearly, some new direction would be good for the folks down at Colman Dock.

The agency's naming rules, as we've reported before, allow naming boats after individuals, providing they've been dead for 20 years, possess "enduring fame," and have played a "significant historical role in the region."

That's a textbook description of the late restaurateur/provocateur/troubadour Ivar Haglund. It's high time this state had a boat named after a Seattle native who had the appropriate Northwest sensibility to bring hip waders and a stack of pancakes to the great Alaskan Way syrup-tanker spill of 1947.

State Transportation officials discourage personal names but say they will consider requests upon "careful review." That means they'll be dragged kicking and screaming to an M.V. Ivar Haglund christening.

That's fine, but clearly some massive public prying will be needed to dislodge these bureaucratic barnacles.

So have at it.

Written pleas for the M.V. Ivar can go to Transportation Commission, P.O. Box 47308, Olympia, 98504-7308; emails to Deadline is Sept. 26. Vote early, vote often. Organize your own Facebook petitions. Whatever it takes.

More clam-keeping:

Return to Sender: In an apparent shipping mix-up, a 38-year-old Washington, D.C., musician who ordered a flat-panel TV from received a military-grade rifle from UPS. He was a little wigged out. But imagine the disappointment of the guy waiting to shoot up his neighborhood who now has to sit in his bunker and watch "Katie" instead.

Speaking of Katie: Can you folks over at Channel 5 please can that cloying promo ad for Couric's talk show, already? One more " 'Leave it to Beaver' childhood" and "my dad gave me my soul" cliché and we're going to program KING out of the channel lineup once and for all.

Pushing Tin: The FAA is inviting public comments on its new flight-pattern scheme for planes coming and going from Sea-Tac Airport. Here's ours: When practical, please keep planes from colliding.

Marauding Wild Animals in the News: A pack of aggressive raccoons has been terrorizing pedestrians up at North Seattle Community College. Wildlife officials said the raccoons apparently were incensed about NBC's continued tape-delayed coverage of the London Summer Olympics.

And Finally: Great moment for the U.S., and the U.S. women's soccer team, winning the Olympic gold medal over Japan on Thursday. Too bad the moment had to be sullied by players' donning, on the field, of Nike T-shirts bearing a smug ad-campaign proclamation. Proof that there's literally no occasion the shameless swoosh pimps from Beaverton won't sully to make a buck.

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