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Danny O'Neil covers the Seahawks for The Seattle Times.

January 15, 2010 at 7:06 PM

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Carroll says Gus Bradley will be defensive coordinator on Sirius Radio

Posted by Danny O'Neil

Pete Carroll was interviewed on Sirius Radio on "Moving The Chains" on Friday, and he said Gus Bradley will be retained as the Seahawks' defensive coordinator.

"Gus will stay with us and be the coordinator, and I'm really pumped up about that," Carroll said during an interview with Pat Kirwan and Tim Ryan. "I can have the kind of influence that I like to let these guys run with it and really make these things come to life."

The other thing Carroll did was define the timeline for a decision on general manager, which will not be made until early next week.

"We decided to take the weekend and come back out of it early next week and make a decision on this thing," Carroll said. "It's a great process. These guys are all fantastic candidates and all bring unique, special qualities. We'll put it all together next week and come up with a decision."

Multiple people around the league expect Floyd Reese, Patriots senior football adviser and former Titans general manager, to eventually become Seattle's general manager.

Carroll appeared on Sirius Radio on Friday, a program called "Move the Chains" with Tim Ryan and Pat Kirwan. The interview started off with Carroll asked to explain the impetus for the move to the NFL.

Carroll: "Well, I've always loved the NFL, and there was never a time when I didn't. There was times over the years when an opportunity came up -- and there were just a few of them -- to take a look at what was going on about going back in, and the situation was never situated properly. This one was just structured well. It was a great time, get the chance to stay on the West Coast, work with a terrific owner and a great CEO in Tod Leiweke and all of it just fit together beautifully."

Next, Carroll was asked about when the deal itself came together.

Carroll: "Well, I really figured it out Sunday night, just days ago now. It seems like it has been a month already, but it's just days ago. On Sunday night, we got a chance to meet in Los Angeles and go through it all and figure it out and sign them up on Monday and away we go.

"I can't even fathom that was less than a week ago, but so much has happened in the meantime. To make that decision it was very difficult. We had such a great time at SC, and loved the people and the school and representing it.

"You guys know, we've talked tons of times, but there was this window of opportunity to go ahead and make this move, and I just couldn't, I couldn't pass up the competitive, the opportunity. This is the league, this is where it all happens, this is where all the challenges exist. And Pat, you know after all these years we've been together and done stuff, that I can't pass it up. Just my nature, and so when it was finally, so beautifully, I had to say goodbye.

"We spent a good day Monday saying farewell to everybody there, and thanking everyone that contributed so much to our success, but I could have never been in position to do anything like this if I hadn't had my years at USC. We had a great time. We had a blast winning all those games and championships and everything, and I think it has made me prepared for this situation in good fashion, and I'm really ready for it."

Now we get to the coaching questions. Who is Carroll bringing with him from the USC coaching staff.

Carroll: "Well, Jeremy Bates is going to come. When I had a chance to hire Jeremy from Denver a year ago, I had in mind, this it he first really NFL coordinator that I had a chance to hire, and in my mind, you know, that if I ever went I would hope that it would work out that we would have come together. We have seen eye to eye on so many things, and I would have a guy to go with me, knowing how difficult it is to get your offense set up.

"To go along with him, we were able to hook up with Alex Gibbs. Alex is coming in here raring to go again which gives us the stature of a tremendous foundation for a great running game, which we know is so important in the league. I think that combination of the young guy calling the plays, running the passing game, and Alex commanding the running game is just an extraordinary punch for us.

"But also from our team at SC, Kenny Norton is going to come along and coach the linebackers, and Brian Schneider is coming along to coach special teams. He had been at the Raiders just the year before, and with the same thought that I had about Jeremy, there would be a chance to go some day and I would love to have my special-teams coach in order and a guy that I worked with. All of that worked together beautifully."

And then there's that not-so-small matter of who will be picking personnel. What's the status of Floyd Reese, whose name keeps coming up?

Carroll: "We had four guys come in. Omar Khan and Floyd Reese, Marc Ross and John Schneider and we had great interviews with those guys. We decided to take the weekend and come back out of it early next week and make a decision on this thing. It's a great process with these guys. These guys are all fantastic candidates and all bring unique, special qualities. We'll put it all together next week and come up with a decision."

What about the status of Seattle's defense?

Carroll: "Well, fortunately Monte Kiffin's No. 1 guy the last few years is a guy named Gus Bradley, and he was here. He came in here just his first year in Seattle. He's here with us to help us maintain the continuity, fostering the system and all that stuff. Gus is a heck of a coach and fired up, and really fired up.

"That gives me great continuity to be able to do the things I want to do and have a great basis as the leader in that group. We're putting together just a great staff. Kenny is going to be there. Dan Quinn is going to stay with us, too, who coached the defensive line in the same system and we'll add another guy, the secondary coach is just lights out. You'll see in a couple of days when we announce it. That gives me the freedom to do the things I want to do and help out, but you also have great leadership in the room so these guys can take things and run with it."

So Bradley is staying?

Carroll: "Gus will stay with us and be the coordinator, and I'm really pumped up about that. I can have the kind of influence that I like to let these guys run with it and really make this thing come to life. It's a group we need to improve in our play, we need to get a couple of players to fit in, but we'll be fired up and we'll be energetic. But it's the kind of group with the energy I like to see."

Then, Kirwan asked specifically about the set-up at the upper levels of management, both CEO Tod Leiweke and higher.

Carroll: "Well Paul Allen is a guy that is a behind-the-scenes guy. He's an extraordinary individual. Shoot, he owns the Trail Blazers and he's got all kinds of enormous success behind him, it positioned him to own these clubs and be such a factor in this community. He's a tremendous guy, a very, very bright guy, and really supportive, but this is a guy that's not going to be on the sidelines much. You're not going to see him on TV. It's not his way.

"Tod Leiweke is an incredibly successful businessman who has come in to take over the Trail Blazers and turn them into a successful group, making money. The Sounders, their soccer team here, making money. And of course, the Seahawks making money. He has been highly successful. Really, the reason that I'm here is because he saw the things that we did at SC, saw the philosophy and the approach and said, 'Will you come here and bring that to us.' He positioned this job so I'm able to do that and I'm just jacked about it. And I feel very, very well supported."

How about the 12th Man, Qwest Field and all the noise those fans tend to generate.

Carroll: "I can't be more fired up about that. I of course haven't seen it yet, but it's got a real reputation already. The fans are connected to the game and do a great job.

"What I'm hoping for is we'll be able to speed up our pass rush to take advantage of the great crowd for third down and all of those other opportunities there. One of our priorities is to get real fast on the edge right away."

Now, Kirwan goes back to the personnel, asking if Carroll has had a chance to watch any tape of his new team.

Carroll: "As a matter of a fact, within the first hour that I was there, I had Gus make a cut-up for me so I could check up Aaron Curry. So we were in watching film of Aaron Curry and trying to figure out what might be best for him, right from the first hour I was there, we were looking at him coming off the edge and trying to make up a position and a style for him that can really suit his addition to the team. No. 1 pick last year, he played a lot, but he could have a much better year and will be big factor I hope, if we do this right."

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