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Danny O'Neil covers the Seahawks for The Seattle Times.

September 30, 2010 at 11:03 AM

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Jim Mora has more than enough of ESPN Radio's Doug Gottlieb

Posted by Danny O'Neil

Now, I post this video knowing two things:

1) Jim Mora is no longer the Seahawks coach and he's not talking about the Seahawks here and this is a Seahawks blog.

2) There are going to be people who read this blog who are going to knee-jerk criticize Mora for anything he says.

But this exchange is absolutely classic as he was interviewed by Doug Gottlieb on ESPN Radio, which has been highlighted by the Big Lead. Mora bristled first at the suggestion that he would be disappointed Michael Vick didn't "buy in" as a Falcon like he did now, and then lost his patience when asked to say how people in Philadelphia should "feel" about Donovan McNabb.

As someone who covered Jim for three years, he is absolutely right to challenge the way Gottlieb set up the question about Vick because as Mora points out, Vick went to three Pro Bowls. Second, he's even more right to say it's ludicrous to tell people how they feel.

The exchange is just, well, it made me laugh out loud, and here it courtesy of the Big Lead:

Gottlieb: It's interesting. You talk about how he's learned to watch tape. He's talked about how he's matured, how he's more patient. Does it bum you out at all that, though, that he wasn't that bought in to what it took to be a great quarterback when you coached him in Atlanta?

Mora: No, because he ...

Gottlieb: Don't you think about what could have been?

Mora: Let me ask you something. Do you know anything about this guy's background?

Gottlieb: Yeah.

Mora: Do you know he went to three Pro Bowls.

Gottlieb: Yeah.

Mora: Then you're basing all of this on two and a half weeks of play. You're saying that he wasn't a great player when he was with us in Atlanta?

Gottlieb: Would you say he nearly was what he could have gotten ...

Mora: No, he's better now than he was then, but so does every player that plays in the league.

Gottlieb: But those are guys that play in the league. He was away from the league for two years, and then he didn't play, and when he did play, he was strictly a runner. He was brought in as kind of a sideshow.

Mora: So last year, you're talking about.

Gottlieb: Yeah, last year was like a side show, and now all of a sudden he comes back, without the reps of two years, and I mean he's even said he was lazy in Atlanta. One, it's kind of amazing how good he was self-admitted lazy, but I'm wondering as a guy who coached him thought, 'Man, if he would have bought in back then, considering what we had around him, considering that he was playing on a faster surface, how good he could have been, you might still be the coach of the Falcons.

Mora: Uh, I don't live in the past, pal. You might, but I'm moving forward. I'm just happy for Mike.

Gottlieb: What do you think the reaction should be for Eagles fans when McNabb comes back in?

Mora: I think however they feel that's what they should do. If they feel like cheering him they should cheer him, if they feel like booing him they should boo.

Gottlieb: But how should they feel?

Mora: I don't know, how do you feel?

Gottlieb: I'm asking you.

Mora: Is this your first interview? I mean (cheese and crackers), what kind of questions are these? How should they feel? I don't know how people should feel.

Gottlieb: You were a head coach twice in the league, you know how good McNabb has been, don't you think they should feel ...

Mora: You just asked me how should people feel?

Gottlieb: Yeah, how should they feel?

Mora: I don't know. I know how I feel. I like Donovan. I hope he does well. How do you think they should feel?

Gottlieb: I think if you boo Donovan McNabb, you're a fool. I really do.

Mora: OK. Well, don't boo him.

(Two seconds of awkward silence)

Gottlieb: You can see his interview coming up, NFL Game Morning on the NFL Network. Jim, thanks so much for joining us on ESPN Radio.

Mora: Yeah, you were a real joy, thanks.

Gottlieb: Wow. That has never happened before.

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