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October 7, 2011 at 10:37 AM

The Seattle Times Week 5 NFL Power Rankings

Posted by Danny O'Neil

Corrected version

Rank TeamComment
1.Packers mascot 50.jpgPackers DT Ryan Pickett is an oxymoron. He has no career INTs.
2.Saints mascot 50.jpgNBA lockout leaves Saints alone in the Hornets' nest.
3.Patriots mascot 50.jpgPatriots living in the wild, wild Wes, where shootouts occur weekly.
4.Lions Mascot 50.jpgMotown renaissance with Lions, Tigers and 8 Mile, oh my!
5.Ravens mascot 50.jpgYou try and run on the Ravens, and you get Ngata.
6.Texans mascot 50.jpgHouston may no longer have a problem. With its defense.
7.Chargers mascot 50.jpgSo great that Chargers LB Larry English is represented by agent Todd France.
8.Titans mascot 50.jpgDear Seattle, 3-1 is beautiful, wish you were here. Sincerely, Babs and Hass.
9.Bucs Mascot 50.jpgBucsT Jeremy Trueblood only sounds like an HBO bloodsucker.
10.Falcons mascot 50.jpgKeeping up with the Jones is very, very difficult with Julio in town.
11.col-mark-1-rgb.jpgIf Pete Carroll asks, Tom Coughlin can always say David is his Diehl.
12.Washington mascot 50.jpgCapital offense? Defense is the story for this Washington team.
13.Jets mascot 50.jpgA Freudian slip? Nope. Jets in the midst of A-Roidian slump.
14.49ers mascot 50.jpgBay watching Jim Harbaugh become the next Hasselhunk.
15.Bills mascot 50.jpgBill of goods? Buffalo's September won't be remembered if Bills fade.
16.Cowboys mascot 50.jpgTony Romo's lungs must be fine the way he coughed up the lead last week.
17.Eagles mascot 50.jpgEagles may, in fact, be a dream team because they sure seem to be asleep.
18.Bears mascot 50.jpgDo you think the Bears let FB Tyler Clutts handle the ball much?
19.Bengals mascot 50.jpgAmanda Knox's release leaves Carson Palmer the most famous American prisoner.
20.Steelers mascot 50.jpgEye injury left Jerome James Harrison a true Pittsburgh pirate, eyepatch and all.
21.Raiders mascot 50.jpgWalk this way? Nah. Raiders' Run DMC is too fast to walk anywhere.
22.Cardinals Mascot 50.jpgCardinals still having issues with Cruz control. Victor Cruz's control, that is.
23.Browns mascot 50.jpgColt upgraded to Workhorse McCoy after attempting 61 passes last week.
24.Broncos Mascot 50.jpgMadonna has a role for Tim Tebow in her Super Bowl show: "Like a Virgin."
25.panthers-mark-1-rgb.jpgS Jermale Hines tired of jokes about him playing catch-up in the secondary.
26.ram-mark-1-rgb.jpgRams' issues beginning to show: They've been outscored 79-16 in 1st half.
27.Vikings mascot 50.jpgCity still needs a new stadium and now wants an actual NFL team to go with it.
28.sea-mark-1-rgb.jpgPete Carroll as eager to kick as the U.S. women's soccer coach.
29.Chiefs mascot 50.jpgChiefs K Ryan Succop sure sounds like a brown-noser.
30.Jaguars mascot 50.jpgThe only joke here is Jags offense, which has yet to score a 2nd-half TD.
31.Dolphins mascot 50.jpgYou know you stink when losing Chad Henne actually considered a setback.
32.col-mark-1-rgb.jpgMore boring, watching paint dry or Curtis Painter try?

Information in this post, originally published Oct. 7, 2011, was corrected that same day. A previous version of this post stated Jerome Harrison had an eyepatch that made him look like a Pittsburgh pirate. That would be James Harrison, Steelers linebacker, and not Jerome Harrison, Lions running back, who resembled a pirate. Arrrrrrgggg!

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I like the Tennessee line. Good one.  Posted on October 8, 2011 at 1:59 AM by baff. Jump to comment
Can someone please explain the term oxymoron to the Seattle Times?  Posted on October 7, 2011 at 10:55 PM by PabstLite. Jump to comment
Why are the Rams rankes so high? That's whack, whoever did this list hasn't watched enough of the Rams, they should be in the 30's...  Posted on October 7, 2011 at 12:03 PM by MTP. Jump to comment

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