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November 13, 2011 at 10:26 AM

Danny O'Neil's Week 10 Power Rankings

Posted by Danny O'Neil

Rank TeamComment
1.Packers mascot 50.jpgErring is human. Aaron is not. At least not Aaron Rodgers.
2.49ers mascot 50.jpgJim Harbaugh says why ask for a fair shake when you can give a fierce one?
3.Ravens mascot 50.jpgRavens have LB Edgar Jones, RB Anthony Allen, but alas, Poe.
4.Lions Mascot 50.jpgLions'
5.Steelers mascot 50.jpgSteelers taking flack over Flacco's fourth-quarter comeback.
6.Falcons mascot 50.jpgMaybe Julio Jones was worth mortgaging the future of the franchise.
7.Saints mascot 50.jpgSaint Carl Nicks is a singular offensive lineman as opposed to multiple Kringles.
8.Texans mascot 50.jpgTexans are 6-3 for the first time in franchise history.
9.col-mark-1-rgb.jpgYou can't spell elite without E-L-I. Of course those letters spell L-I-E, too.
10.Bengals mascot 50.jpgDalton peppers opposing defenses, shows surprising seasoning for a rookie.
11.Jets mascot 50.jpgBeavis rhymes with Darrelle Revis while Antonio Cromartie is fit to be Butthead.
12.Patriots mascot 50.jpgThere's no defense for the Pats. None. They're allowing most yards in the league.
13.Bills mascot 50.jpgBill-t to last? Not looking that way after last week's loss to the Jets.
14.Bears mascot 50.jpgMatt Forte has gained 1,241 of the Bears' 2,734 yards, which is Forte-five percent.
15.Titans mascot 50.jpgChris Johnson went from Shaun Alexander v.2005 to Shaun Alexander v.2007.
16.Cowboys mascot 50.jpgRomo-te control cars are fun and entertaining, but not built for the long haul.
17.Raiders mascot 50.jpgCP3 no longer oh-for-'11 after Carson Palmer won Thursday in San Diego.
18.Bucs Mascot 50.jpgAlbert Haynesworth has always been about the bucks, errrr, the Bucs.
19.Chargers mascot 50.jpgRivers playing like he's been dammed this season.
20.Chiefs mascot 50.jpgGo figure: Chiefs 4-4 despite giving up 70 more points than they've scored.
21.Eagles mascot 50.jpgGo figure (Part 2): Eagles 3-5 despite outscoring their opponents by 21.
22.Broncos Mascot 50.jpgElvis sighting! Dumervil has his first sack of the season vs. Oakland last week.
23.Browns mascot 50.jpgirst thing's worst: Browns only NFL team yet to score a first-quarter TD.
24.Washington mascot 50.jpgShanahan found Tower Heist unrealistic only because he has a Hightower: Tim.
25.panthers-mark-1-rgb.jpgPanthers no need to diet further. They've already lost way too many LBs.
26.sea-mark-1-rgb.jpgTarvaris now pronounced "tortorous" after the way he played last week.
27.Vikings mascot 50.jpgVikings are making like their stadium did last year; they're caving in.
28.Cardinals Mascot 50.jpgQB John Skelton is safety obsessed. He suffered two of them last week.
29.ram-mark-1-rgb.jpgBlues are St. Louis' NHL franchise and the city's state of mind about the NFL.
30.Jaguars mascot 50.jpg Cash for clunkers? Jags offense has a Marcedes, but it's still a rambling wreck.
31.Dolphins mascot 50.jpgIs there a more unlikely statement than Matt Moore, AFC Player of the Week?
32.col-mark-1-rgb.jpgIf anyone's looking for the Colts, best bet is to check the woodshed.

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