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Danny O'Neil covers the Seahawks for The Seattle Times.

October 10, 2012 at 5:30 AM

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The proper comparison for Russell Wilson: Other rookie quarterbacks

Seahawks' Wilson passing less, winning more
By Danny O'Neil | The Seattle Times

The Seahawks are not passing the football well enough to win on a consistent basis.

That's not a fact that many people would dispute. But why is that?

If you answered that it's because Wilson is an incapable quarterback it is to ignore not only what coach Pete Carroll has stated by declaring he's the one keeping the lid on the offense, it's to ignore the numbers. Seattle is not attempting many passes.

And in judging Wilson, the proper context is not to evaluate him to what other teams are doing around the league, it's to evaluate him in comparison to other rookies. And while other rookies are throwing for more yards, other rookies aren't winning more, and that's not just true this year, it's true if you look at the 20 rookies who started the first five games of the season for their team at quarterback. Take a look and see if it changes your impressions of Wilson's performance:

YearPlayer (Team)C-Att. (Yards)TD-INTTD-INTSackedQB ratingRecord
2012Brandon Weeden (Browns)112-202 (55.4)1,2885-9964.50-5
2012Andrew Luck (Colts)96-177 (54.2)1,2087-5977.12-2
2012Ryan Tannehill (Dolphins)97-169 (57.4)1,2692-61070.32-3
2012Robert Griffin III (Washington)96-139 (69.1)1,1614-1111012-3
2012Russell Wilson (Seahawks)79-125 (63.2)8155-61075.33-2
2011Cam Newton (Panthers)113-194 (58.2)1,6107-6984.31-4
2011Andy Dalton (Bengals)93-157 (59.2)1,0476-51078.73-2
2010Sam Bradford (Rams)115-203 (56.7)1,1596-81166.52-3
2009Matthew Stafford (Lions)118-193 (61.1)1,2188-78781-4
2009Mark Sanchez (Jets)75-134 (56.0)9165-51074.13-2
2008Joe Flacco (Ravens)90-144 (62.5)8441-71060.62-3
2008Matt Ryan (Falcons)71-131 (54.2)8634-3775.33-2
2005Kyle Orton (Bears)78-139 (56.1)6744-71257.72-3
2003Kyle Boller (Ravens)65-125 (52.0)5432-61048.93-2
2002David Carr (Texans)56-121 (46.3)7375-63159.11-4
2001Chris Weinke (Panthers)108-179 (60.3)1,1305-68741-4
1998Peyton Manning (Colts)93-169 (55.0)1,1294-121154.11-4
1998Ryan Leaf (Chargers)57-127 (44.9)7281-9936.42-3
1993Drew Bledsoe (Patriots)89-182 (48.9)9055-617591-4
1993Rick Mirer (Seahawks)89-135 (65.9)8832-41276.93-2

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