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Monday, February 6, 2006 - Page updated at 12:04 AM


What others are saying about the Super Bowl

Blown calls

Ben Roethlisberger's third-down dive into the end zone simply was not a touchdown. Because less than two minutes remained, the call was reviewed in the booth. And everybody in the stadium plus everybody at home could see, clear and conclusively, that Big Ben didn't get the ball across the goal line. It wasn't a touchdown, plain and simple. Yet the call stood and the Steelers had a touchdown.

Another penalty, assessed to the Seahawks early in the fourth quarter, which negated a gain to the 1, also never happened. A penalty against Hasselbeck for blocking below the waist when, in fact, he was trying to tackle the interceptor, was also erroneous. It would be irresponsible to say the officials were intentionally cheating Seattle. But the bad calls killed the Seahawks. ...

Michael Wilbon, Washington Post

Officials steal it

The inevitable finally happened. A group of middle-aged executives trying to keep pace with a group of highly trained 20-something athletes destroyed America's sports holiday.

Pittsburgh's one-for-the-thumb Super Bowl will be remembered as the game when physically overmatched referees and heads-buried NFL executives flipped non-Steelers fans an XL middle finger.

Jason Whitlock, Kansas City Star

Stevens drops in

Jerramy Stevens may be soft but his hands aren't.

Tom Sorensen, Charlotte Observer

Big, and bad, Ben

Ben Roethlisberger had a moment Sunday so bad, he must have been tempted to borrow a Terrible Towel from one of the tens of thousands of Pittsburgh Steelers fans in the Ford Field stands and go off somewhere private to cry into it.

Mike Downey, Chicago Tribune

Fairytale finish?

Any other conclusion and it would have been like It's a Wonderful Life ending with George Bailey actually jumping off the bridge and drowning.

We wanted the Pittsburgh Steelers holding up that trophy. We needed the Pittsburgh Steelers holding up that trophy.

If the Seattle Seahawks had won, it would have been the stuff of dull documentaries. The Steelers winning was the stuff of fantastic fairytales.

Mike Bianchi, The Orlando Sentinel

Long wait is over

This one wasn't the splendid domination the Steelers had shown in three previous playoff games. This one, truth be known, was a bit ugly. ... By winning in such a fashion, the Steelers proved just how good they are. It takes a special team to win when it doesn't have its "A" game.

Bob Smizik, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Unconventional wisdom

The conventional wisdom was that the Steelers were tougher, would beat up the Seahawks. Rubbish. Seattle's defense played poorly on three big plays, but they were every bit as bruising as the Steelers.

The Steelers were supposed to pound the ball at the Seahawks and dominate the clock. That didn't happen. The game was settled largely by finesse, not toughness.

Charles Bricker, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

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