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Friday, February 21, 2003 - 12:00 a.m. Pacific

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1 She would not sit in the back of the bus PARKS

3 Famous author Alice writer of the acclaimed novel "The Color Purple" WALKER

5 Music Louis Armstrong played JAZZ

6 Boxing legend called "The Greatest" ALI

8 American educator __ McLeod Bethune MARY

10 Harlem or New York for example CITY

11 Wynton Marsalis blows one HORN

13 Tennis great Arthur __ ASHE

14 Abolitionist __ Brown JOHN

15 Actor Lawrence of Hollywood films MARTIN

17 Poet __ Angelou MAYA

18 Jackie Robinson's first position second __ BASE

19 First African-American Supreme Court Justice THURGOOD MARSHALL

24 Kweisi Mfume is the leader of this organization NAACP

25 Reason for many marches CIVILRIGHTS

27 Basketball star O'Neal to fans SHAQ

30 First name of the black leader who wrote "Soul on Ice" ELDRIDGE

31 Nickname for musical legend Charlie Parker BIRD

32 Music legend __ Basie COUNT

33 Place where Motown Records was founded DETROIT

35 TV star Bernie __ MAC

37 Comedian who had a hit show playing father Cliff Huxtable BILLCOSBY

38 Popular black magazine EBONY

39 First name of 1-across ROSA

40 Black History month FEBRUARY

41 Baseball's all-time home run champion HENRYAARON


1 Emancipation PROCLAMATION

2 Famous TV mini-series and Alex Haley book ROOTS

3 George __ Carver WASHINGTON

4 Festival featuring African-American culture KWANZAA

5 Basketball superstar Michael __ JORDAN

7 Legendary gospel singer __ Jackson MAHALIA

8 Speaker who said "I Have a Dream" MARTINLUTHERKING

9 Last name of 30-across CLEAVER

12 Former ambassador to the United Nations and mayor of Atlanta YOUNG

16 Abolitionist who escaped from slavery Frederick __ DOUGLASS

18 Player with a record 73 home runs in one season. Barry __ BONDS

20 Basketball legend and businessman __ Johnson MAGIC

21 She led slaves to the Underground Railroad HARRIETTUBMAN

22 Founder of the Rainbow Coalition JESSEJACKSON

23 Name for a female opera star such as Leontyne Price DIVA

26 Best-selling musical artist __ Jackson MICHAEL

28 Nickname for 41-across HANK

29 It matched the Union against the Confederates CIVILWAR

34 What Halle Berry does ACTS

36 Basketball superstar __ Bryant KOBE

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