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Sunday, April 4, 2004
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I found it interesting that judges and prosecutors in Grant County went to bat for attorneys Earl and Romero when they faced disciplinary actions. Of course, if I were a prosecutor I'd want to be facing push-overs all the time, too. But why the judges? Something definitely isn't right in Grant County. — Kevin Jacques, Mountlake Terrace

"Justice" is a highly variable concept that depends on the money involved. The American system is a hoax. — Steve Klein, Seattle
Where are the paralegals or legal assistants that one sees operating in a private law office — (people to) interview, gather evidence, research and write memos for their attorneys? I see nothing of them in your articles, which makes me believe we are not utilizing all the resources available to the legal profession. Or am I wrong and your article just overlooked these legal professionals? In that case, it is not a matter of how we are utilizing our defense funds, it IS that we need more. But first, show me the paralegals. — J. Whillans, Redmond
A very thought-provoking and hopefully action-provoking series. Perhaps the state and counties could fund indigent defense adequately if we stopped electing "tough on crime" candidates who want to lock up minor criminals and blow vast amounts of money pursuing (usually unsuccessfully) capital cases. It would be nice to have representatives in Olympia and Washington with the brains and backbone to design and implement a justice system based on reason and logic instead of fear and emotion. — Larry Newman, Shoreline
This is what I have learned about our judicial system:
1) The public defender gets paid (peanuts) regardless of the outcome.
2) Every conviction is another notch on the prosecutors' belt.
3) Prisons are paid enormous amounts to house each prisoner.
So why change anything? — Deborah Valentine, Seattle
I have never had much faith in the judicial system and these findings reaffirm my opinion. These clients had their right violated regardless of a guilty plea or not. I commend the reporters for such an outstanding job in bringing these findings out in the open! I only hope the attorneys listed do get their licenses taken away. They are an embarrassment to the legal system. — Irma Gonzalez, Seattle

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