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On Sept. 12, the day after our sense of security was shattered, reporter Alex Tizon and photographer Alan Berner ventured out to chronicle what connects us, and what keeps us apart in their "Crossing America" series. Now, we continue our journey in a collection of reported "postcards." We invite you along, and hope you'll drop us a note in return.

 Jan. 13: Postcard from Bangor: Deterring the unthinkable
 Jan. 12: Postcard from Wilbur: Pockets of grief in dying town
 Dec. 11: Postcard from Hale'iwa: Where the surf's up, the pressure's down
   Dec. 7: Postcard from Pearl Harbor: 60 years after attack, a bid farewell
   Dec. 2: Postcard from Magnolia: Fruitcakes baked with sweet intentions
 Nov. 27: Postcard from Eugene: 'The big bully got a black eye'
 Nov. 22: Postcard from Mount Angel: Abbey no retreat from the fight

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Photo gallery
The open road has long defined America. It brings us together and keeps us apart. We travel it with independence and purpose. Following the Sept. 11 attacks, reporter Alex Tizon and photographer Alan Berner took to the road to cross an America facing a new day. These are their reports.

 Oct. 21: Our nation is shaken, but not into pieces
   Oct. 7: Silent parade is drawn to the place where nation changed
   Oct. 4: Old Glory fills one field, grim task fills another
   Oct. 2: 'We need to pray deep'
Sept. 30: President can't give the word fast enough for restless cadets
Sept. 28: War of ideas waged in one man's head
Sept. 26: In Oklahoma City, they know how it feels
Sept. 24: Crisis a world away from Kansas
Sept. 23: Fort Collins' 'gun people' are stocking up
Sept. 21: Muslim family feels at home in Wyoming town
Sept. 20: Patriotic dissent out there, flickering in the shadows
Sept. 18: 'Old ladies do what we can'
Sept. 16: Tough talk, tears, on trail to New York
Sept. 14: Long drive to understand how country has changed

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