Three weeks into bombing
What's been happening in and around Afghanistan since the attacks began. [224K PDF]
First day of bombing
A map of the targets hit during the first day of bombing in Afghanistan.
An invisible arsenal: Biological and chemical terrorism
Details on anthrax, smallpox, plague, nerve agents and others, including how you get them and what you can do about it. [61K PDF]
Terrorist attacks against the U.S.
A world map dating and detailing the worst attacks since 1985.
World and U.S. hijackings since 1970
The U.S. hadn't had a domestic hijacking since 1991.
Anatomy of terrorist attacks
The flight path of each plane and a minute-by-minute account of the attacks.
Attack on the Pentagon
The timing, facts about the Pentagon's construction, and a look at the Boeing 757.
Attack on The World Trade Center
The timing, facts about the towers' construction, a look at the Boeing 767, and a 3-D map of the campus.
The flights that crashed
Early details on what was happening on each of the four planes.
Flight paths
Mapping where each plane turned, time of takeoff and crash.
Timeline: Nation
Timing of the attacks, evacuations and shutdowns on Sept. 11.
Timeline: State
From when Gov. Locke heard to when Starbucks closed on Sept. 11.
How the World Trade Center towers collapsed
A look at the core structure of the building.
Damaged Manhattan buildings
A 3-D map of the area attacked.
New security measures at Sea-Tac
What to expect when you travel
Sea-Tac's rank for gun violations
FAA firearm violations at the top 20 U.S. airports, plus failures at Sea-Tac checkpoints
A hijack-resistant plane?
Ideas that may be studied, from air marshals and fortified cockpit doors to a collision-avoiding navigation system.
U.S. airline security lapses
These are the top 10 airlines sanctioned by the FAA for security violations. Such violations can include allowing unauthorized access to airplanes, failing to properly identify all passengers, and inadequately screening baggage.
U.S special forces
Trained in counterterrorism, covert reconnaissance and guerrilla warfare, U.S. Special Operations Forces are the front-line troops in America's war against terrorism.
Washington's military might
Western Washington is home to one of America's heaviest military concentrations. Tour the state's military installations and find out about their location, mission, equipment, and personnel.
Bin Laden's long reach
Countries where al Qaeda operates; its funding, strength and cell structure.
Bin Laden's lieutenants
Bin Laden has surrounded himself with a tight circle of mostly Saudi and Egyptian lieutenants who run a worldwide network. A look at who's in charge of what.
U.S. may be headed for dangerous neighborhood
Where the countries surrounding Afghanistan fit in politically and historically.
Afghan bases, camps
This map details Afghan air bases, suspected terrorist training camps, refugee camps, poppy growth, Pakistani bases and Russian bases. [PDF]
A region rich in history, rife with conflict
While some countries have declared their support to the U.S., others are reluctant, fearing political upheaval and safety risks. From this map, click the underlined countries to learn about their role in the region. Also see where U.S. troops are stationed and other details. [61K PDF]
Types of turbans
Many have equated turbans with terrorism. But the turban is no more evil than your hat. It is an ancient piece of headgear with a history that stretches back thousands of years, multiplied through dozens of cultures.
Types of veils
To many Western eyes, the Muslim veil is not an innocent piece of cloth. It is a symbol of women's oppression, a metaphor for Islam's inscrutability, a way of identifying those who don't share "our" values. But its meanings have changed with politics and history.
Watching the borders
The U.S. Border Patrol devotes many more resources — and arrests far more people — on the nation's border with Mexico than on the border with Canada.
Then and now
Some of the similarities and differences between the Gulf War period and 2001.
Dow's historical reaction to disaster
Percent change one week after, and one year after, selected U.S. attacks.
Collection of videos from
A video timeline of the attacks
Casualties expected in the thousands
Bush condemns attacks as 'acts of war'
NATO, United Nations pledge support
Day of Remembrance: A nation mourns
Bush: 'I want justice'
Families grieve loss of loved ones
Plane crashes into North Tower
Plane crashes into South Tower
Second World Trade Center tower collapses



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