America's new military

It's leaner, better educated, more racially diverse and more reliant on reservists. Read about the face of the front in our story, "These are not your father's armed forces." Also, we map the home states of new recruits, and chart the breakdown of the military population by race and gender.

National Guard troops head for a training session at Sea-Tac Airport. At the airport to supplement existing security, the troops are stationed at five check points and are on duty, carrying side arms, 24 hours a day.


Washington's military might

Western Washington is home to one of America's heaviest military concentrations. The mix of air, land and sea forces here makes Washington a critical component of the nation's defense. Tour the state's military installations and find out about their location, mission, equipment, and personnel. Start here.

U.S. special forces

Trained in counterterrorism, covert reconnaissance and guerrilla warfare, U.S. Special Operations Forces are the front-line troops in America's war against terrorism. Washington state is home to several units. Take a look at America's best-trained and best-equipped fighting forces.



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