Washington's military might

Naval Air Station Whidbey, Oak Harbor

EA-6B Prowler
Provides electronics countermeasures
Orion P-3C
Multi-role anti-submarine, surveillance and targeting aircraft
NAS Whidbey Island is home to the Electronic Attack Wing, Pacific Fleet, Naval Ocean Processing Facility, Patrol Wing 10 and Northwest Regional Naval Intelligence Center.

Primary equipment: The EA-6B Prowler: Most of the military's Prowler squadrons are based at Whidbey. The plane is a derivative of the A-6 attack bomber, and its job is to support other aircraft with electronic warfare - disrupting the enemy's eyes and ears. It carries high-powered jamming transmitters, and missiles designed to track and destroy enemy radar sites. Crew: Four - a pilot and three "electronics countermeasures" officers. All aircraft carriers travel with at least one Prowler squadron at all times. Armament: AGM-88A HARM missile. Range: 1,150 miles.

Lockheed P-3C: A turboprop anti-submarine and surveillance aircraft. Range: Maximum mission - 2,738.9 miles. Crew: 11. Armament: 20,000 pounds (9 metric tons) of ordnance including: Harpoon (AGM-84D) cruise missiles, SLAM (AGM-84-E) missiles, Maverick air-to-ground missiles, rockets, mines, depth bombs and special weapons.


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