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Naval Submarine Base, Bangor

Serves as the homeport for the Navy's entire Pacific fleet of eight Trident Ballistic Missile Submarines, which are under the command of Submarine Group Nine. The Ohio-class submarines are the most powerful single weapon system ever created, with each submarine capable of carrying up to 24 Trident I, or C-4, missiles. Each missile, which travels at speeds of greater than 20,000 feet per second, can be independently targeted and has a range of more than 4,000 nautical miles. Two of the base's Trident submarines, the USS Alaska and the USS Nevada, are currently undergoing upgrades that will allow them to carry and fire the more powerful and accurate Trident II or D-5 missiles. A third submarine is scheduled to begin the upgrade next year. The mission of the Trident Submarine fleet is to provide strategic nuclear deference through continuous and stealthy patrol of the seas.

The base also serves as home to a single Sturgeon-class fast-attack submarine, the USS Parche, which is part of the Submarine Development Squadron 5 based in San Diego. The Parche's mission is classified, and sailors sign oaths of secrecy.

Headquarters to the Marine Corps Security Force Detachment Bangor, which has about 500 Marines and a mission to provide security at the base's Strategic Weapons Facility Pacific. It is also home to the HQ Navy Region Northwest, Intermediate Maintenance Facility PacNorwest, Trident Training Facility and Submarine Squadron 17. The base, located on 7,500 acres in Kitsap County, was established as a submarine base in 1977. The first Trident, the USS Ohio, arrived in 1982.

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