Washington's military might

McChord Air Force Base, Lakewood

C-17 Globemaster III
Cargo/transport aircraft
Cargo/transport aircraft
Provides long-range airlift support, including delivery of troops, tanks and supplies on combat, humanitarian and peace keeping missions. McChord is home to the West's only fleet of C-17s, the nation's newest generation of large transports, making the base a key component of military logistical operations.

Headquarters for the 62nd Airlift Wing, the Air Force Reserve 446th Airlift Wing and the Washington Air National Guard western Air Defense Sector.

Primary equipment:
Boeing C-17 Globemaster III: Quickly replacing the C-141B Starlifter as the backbone of strategic airlift forces. The C-17 can carry more than twice the cargo weight as the Starlifter and can land on short, rough air strips close to potential battle grounds. McChord currently has 26 and expects to have 48 by 2003. Load: 102 troops/paratroops; 36 litter and 54 patients and attendants; 170,900 pounds of cargo. Flying range: 2,800 miles, unlimited with in-flight refueling. Lockheed C-141B-Starlifter: Though it is slowly being phased out by the C-17, the C141 is still considered the workhorse of the Air Mobility Command. Load: Either 200 troops, 155 paratroops, 103 litters and 14 seats or 68,725 pounds of cargo. Flying range: 2,500 miles, unlimited with refueling.

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