The rescue effort

How the dead are identified [AP]

All that remains: Labs face huge task in identifying victims
Restoring the proper name to each scrap of bone and flesh found in the rubble of the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center is likely to be the largest forensic identification effort ever conducted in the United States. Methods will include facial reconstruction, chemical tests, computerized dental comparisons and DNA analysis. But it will take months — perhaps longer. [Sept. 26, 2001]

Combing the wreckage, pail by pail: Rescue work is cold, tedious, slow
Cranes and bulldozers picked away the heaviest pieces of what's left of the World Trade Center, but the real work was unfolding on a smaller scale: rescuers with plastic pails, toiling in the muck and stink. [Sept. 15, 2001]

Relief workers were stuck in Seattle
Though local doctors and relief workers scrambled yesterday getting themselves ready to head to New York, few had actually left — and those who had tried were having trouble due to the lack of departures out of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. [Sept. 13, 2001]




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